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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last Train To... Danielbeast (LG15)

We all agreed that we'd make a decision about the serum together, but I guess someone didn't keep their end of the deal. -Daniel Faction: THE RESISTANCE

"Selector A Go Dub It" by Burning Babylon
"Something About Eve" by Falling You

Last Train To... Danielbeast (LG15) on LGPedia
When Jonas runs past the train schedule in Union Station, the sign says "Los Angeles Union Station." This is strange, because they are supposed to still be in Arizona right now. (Jonas said in A New Hope!!! that they were staying in Arizona, as they were no longer afraid of the Order.)

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  1. Wow a vid on a sunday? Where is Emma going though??

  2. idk. maybe home to her parents? i wonder if jonas' family was just supposed to be a small, temporary role?

    who's going to be next? dun dun dunnnn

  3. Sarah's no longer emo. She's cheesy.

  4. Dear "Resistance" :

    We were going to put together a plan to deal with you, but after watching your videos, we see that you have enough problems on your own.... and may we just add:

    hahahahahahahahahahaha ha ha, thanks, we needed that. whew.

    Any message for Emma when we meet her train?

    - The Order, Chapter 436

  5. God, I can't stand Sarah. Sorry. Just my personal opinion.

    I agree with WHAT she did, but coming from her, it's just like another incidence of her dropping the papers in the water. Does that make sense?


  6. I agree with what Sarah did 110% percent. Jonas is not being respecful of Emma's wishes at all. If he wanted to use her trait for his own gain, he's just as bad as the Order.

    ...And I didn't like the superwoman direction of things *shrugs* :p

  7. Since when did Sarah's job become to spew out cheesy lines. Someone get her a better writer.

  8. His parents:


    About 1:01 in the embed. I kinda thought it looked like his parents:


  9. Oh.
    It is his parents.



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