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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


"What Time Is It"? I think we all know the answer to that!!!

In a few minutes Glenn Rubenstein will take to the airwaves as DJ host of his own radio show on BreeFM. Glenn is probably best known for turning the Breeniverse on its head with his dynamic characters and story lines but he is also renowned for his musical abilities.

What will he play? Well you will just have to tune in at 11pm EST to find out.

  • BreeFM: Website Direct Stream

  • Talk about the show in IRC CHAT

  • NEWSFLASH: REDEARTH WILL RETURN ON 10/12/2007 (per Glenn). Now why does that date sound familiar? If you remember, leave a comment below:)

    If you missed the show it will be Rebroadcast Friday at 3pm EST on BreeFM

    Additional notes:

    Next Glenn show on BreeFM, Wed Oct 3 8pm PST.

    Send questions and song or topic suggestions to: [email protected]

    Brothers Music Mashup confirmed solved.

    Glenn's music played this time:

    02:02:28 Dusty Brown - Unscathed
    01:59:14 New Found Glory - All Downhill from Here
    01:29:36 Weezer - Pink Triangle
    01:28:39 Song Mash Up - Mix + Comp
    01:02:40 Alkaline Trio - I Was A Prayer
    00:59:11 Belle & Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here, I m Dying
    00:41:16 Knapsack - Cold Enough to Break
    00:38:24 Plus 44 - Baby, Come On
    00:26:43 Jim Carroll - People Who Died
    00:23:41 Living In A Box - Living In A Box
    00:21:04 Suburban All-Stars - Soccer Riot


    1. *yawn* I'm so over Glenn.

    2. That's one anonymous opinion. I would again encourage people to sign such things, and try to offer some substance to comments.

      The 40 or so people listening to Glenn's show last night were clearly interested in what he had to say, albeit with a bit of rambling ;) ... the good news is that Jeromy and Glenn were both in #breefm and are both still excited about continuing their productions, and engaging with their audience.

      In one (of several) digressions, Glenn encouraged those interested in still getting some closure to the CIW story to finish CassieIsWatching's final anagram puzzle... he thinks there will likely be some answers there. (see earlier story on this blog about OpAphid's profile)

      There were also some hints by Glenn about some "familiar" faces that may be appearing as co-stars to Rachel/Linc ... let the rumors begin ... ;) ... and of course, he gave us a specific date when Rachel will return, Oct 12.

    3. I am so happy I could cry! I missed the original broadcast last night (darn East Coast time) but will definitely be sure to listen to the rebroadcast.

    4. The broadcast was lots of fun! I can't wait until next Wednesday's show...

    5. 10/12/07... not so familiar.
      10/12/06... a day to remember.

    6. 2 add 2 what the anon said above me:

      10/12/06... the day lonelygirl jumped the shark
      10/12/07... a new hope?

    7. Per LGPedia:

      October 12, 2006
      "The Ceremony" video posted, in which Daniel follows Bree to Topanga Canyon, and gets some footage of some sort of ceremony.


    8. Who ever thought that the fake Ceremony would beat the real one?

      I think that's pretty sad.


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