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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Isn't it time we (finally) knew the truth about what happened?

Y eyeeu estew h ceoovrneht l irwu
fyaugtbov tn ihalwp e T osaer iseh
nskvseYe adep euiaw d nhetdroe o
m hsddo yAeh n sodadu lewy aobec lnwdi
ud ieosih tuyrla svtuI tlvty glgje he
I oef gyaun laild ltd ay, esvKui o
fu 'oye o el oomlte enmomlYy dvt
wo ddooeeyTh oteth re- ehm r oine
ehr' st ceTsit o tri aoenbei t,mu s
ltnsIolB ruseur uyufft'o o e e
,lewab ooLk ownov oe dnad bpu
k oahw emtu y Tslng i onaliso'
eT we'ttae dsrho thos,ieat nl b n
o i 'tbeko Yneohpo tuo ug ehdvtzny rwou
oruu t e tw'o mloeiflYt ernt osabi
,cler oIre rmit ttii ur lknte ltwhu
hdoltau ey e tm i awwaIoh imr g
e y to h ad eiau oIhraet glrnteml
w oho lgiw'sne tsre ahaeer Im l
eeao siaC epnesrAto dns d nestc i
esnnCsietpsre eea o dios at c

It is the last unsolved "Cassie" poem. Link here: http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Cassieiswatching_clues#Clue_28:_Anagram

Discussion thread.

Note: This is the one year annaversary of the day OpAphid "piggy backed" on cassieiswatching and there is a prevailing theory in IRC chat that OpAphid is now trying to provide some sort of closure to the Cassie story by encouraging fans to solve the annagram.


  1. It is the last unsolved "Cassie" poem. Link here:


  2. Oh dear, it's the anagram from hell!

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  4. Some people seem so upset by this but it seems like an appropriate 'paying of respect' to answer Cassie's great (final) puzzle.

    It also poses an interesting question as to whether or not the current lonelycrackers can solve what their predecessors couldn't.

    Has the collective mind of the hive gotten more or less intelligent over the last year?

    As evidenced by some of the reactions, it does seem that the collective maturity level has dropped considerably.

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  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I have been undully proud and acted with arrogance
    I have bared false witness and supported false allegations
    I have judged hastily and harshly
    sorry, sometimes its hard not to be a pessimist.

    Maybe it is time this anagram was solved.

  8. the reason the anagram hasn't been solved it because (1) cassie stopped helping the solvers, and (2) people stopped caring when the PM did.

    opaphid has long urged people to solve it.

  9. Back to this old thing:



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