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Friday, September 21, 2007

Robbing the Cradle - Daniel (LG15)

We went to the Observatory to find out what Carl and Sonia were up to. - Daniel

"Listen up
Baby" by Electric Frankenstein

In an extremely positive step, lonelygirl15 has begun to add direct links to LGPedia in the discussion section for the individual videos on YouTube. This should enhance the viewer experience considerbly for those on YouTube who have missed out on the wonders of LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP!


  1. I didn't really understand exactly why they went where they did in this video, but more Emma! hooray ... I hope they didn't wear that poor 'watcher' out, lol

  2. "Domestic Private" (foundations?) i.e. money ... now babies, watchers, and pink flamingos... oh, my!

  3. I'm trying to stay positive about these videos but certain things just take me out of the story.

    So Daniel and Jonas see the Watcher and take off. How'd Daniel get so far ahead he was able to stop and get Jonas and the Watcher running towards him? Not to mention then take off running I presume backwards?

    I've also seen others mention this and I totally agree. Some of these videos end really badly. I guess it's supposed to be a cliffhanger that the door was unlocked? Well we know they are safe since they uploaded it. So why did they end the video there when editing?

    It will get better. It will get better. It will get better.

    It will get better? *crosses fingers*

  4. Someone anonymously requested that the story not be drawn out (which was fine) ... I deleted that and something posted anonymously about Yousef's appearance and the anonymous reply to both of these ... to avoid a flame war on this blog ... sorry anonymous toes! (take it to lonelygirl15.com or YouTube)

    Generally, you won't see anyone being so rude (like I just did) as to delete comments from this blog, but please try to put some thought into them, and don't abuse the anonymous option. Thanks!

  5. Oh for those wondering, why do we have the 'anonymous' option for comments on this blog? Well, if we turn that off, we also turn off the 'other' option for comments, which means anyone who wants to add a comment would be forced to sign up for a blogger ID and sign in to post a comment. We want to encourage comments/participation on this blog, so we left those on.

  6. Everyone be nice...geez, we are all friends here.

  7. I thought The Beast said "Bree O'Clock." HAHAHAHA!


  8. kudos for lg15today for allowing anonymous comments. its hard sometime because people WILL abuse it at times, but generally it might encourage people who wouldn't post to add something of value (or humor)

  9. i trust your moderation skills, q ;)

    I think that pretty much all the errors in LG vids appear to be editing errors. That hurts my editor's heart. :(


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