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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SanFranciscoFiles_010 - impulseLG

what happened on August 30.

To see more videos from the "World Files" series, see: http://www.livevideo.com/worldfiles

Worldfiles ARG discussion forum on lonelygirl15.com, (including summary threads).


  1. these videos are well done AND they tell a story

  2. hi qthec,

    with all due respect, it's a bit late to come to that conclusion.

  3. This is my way of encouraging the observation and practice in others. ;)

  4. thanks q, and sorry for jumping at you (i'm in a grumpy mood). i'll just say that in this story, more than often i've wished we could've counted with your excellent observation skills and analysis.

  5. Thanks Deagol - honestly, I haven't spent the time to keep up with the details of the storyline, and have just tried a few parts of puzzles as they have caught my eye. Hit or miss participation on my part.

  6. I added a couple of links to the article to help get the word out. It takes some effort to get involved in a complex storyline with multiple ID posting videos, but if someone is looking for something to dig into, this one looks good.


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