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Friday, September 28, 2007

Watch Your Back - Jonas (LG15)

Holy sh*t...what have I done. - Jonas


  1. So what's the big deal? The free will thing is still in play right? They can't do the Ceremony without her consent.


  2. Unless the free will thing was a play to get Bree to come quietly and not do her power-mojo on them should they have forced her.

  3. Jonas has a fish. Now all he needs are some grains, bananas, some wooden bowls, and a rock to mash it up with. Too bad Danielbeast is not around to help prepare the feast.

  4. I'm so happy. Our favorite watcher is not dead. Wasn't really paying attention after that, hope nothing important was said.

  5. La Resisto Shadow? ... dun dun dun

  6. Claire seems to need Emma to cooperate willingly. Otherwise, why con Emma and Jonas?

  7. I think Clara took Emma plotholing:)

  8. The fish part was very random. And she did not do a clean cut. Looked mangled. Yuck. What was the purpose? And what kind of fish was that? Maybe knowing that would help us figure out where they are. ;-)

    This whole thing is out of control, and not in a good way.

  9. ... so I guess the camera Jonas was looking at will have footage on it revealing Claire cackling evily as she plans her recipe for Emma-pot-pie ...

  10. what was on the camera? The Resizto = Evil? (that makes me sad)
    Big Tall Watcher Dude is Big Tall Helper Dude?

    So confused....so freaking confused....

    I really wish my computer didn't die and this one has Java so I could talk to people. :( so sad....so freaking sad.

    We need a climax.

  11. I don't understand the rational from excluding Jonas from the training. Its looks like they are doing martial arts and we know Jonas is good at that stuff.

  12. I would have checked what was on that camera. Could be some interesting footage about the resistance/The Order and Clairs part in it.

  13. OK so from what I remembered "Watchers" - dont know much, just protect Hymn of One trait positive girls.

    "Shadows" - personal bodyguards of the Elders, know everything, it was a Shadow who carried off dead Bree after her transfusion.

    So is La Resisto (sorry I know that is spelled wrong) is all a big con to get Jonas to hand over Emma and for Emma to go "willingly" (of her own free will) Get it?

  14. Claire looks like 'deep throat.' She has lots of characteristics that Alex has, and when you look at her with the shadows across her face...Think About it.

  15. OMFG.
    I knew that those bastards with their binary and secret information were no good.

    But then again maybe the watcher only cares because Clair is teaching Emma that the Order is REALLY BAD and that she SHOULD NOT do the ceromony?


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