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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

YouTube Featured Video: Shadow Of Death

YouTube is presently featuring lonelygirl15 episode "Shadow of Death" on it's front page. This may very well bring in some new fans :)


  1. That should get some interesting reactions from pple who have not watched LG since the early days.

  2. What's the difference between a featured vid and a promoted vid? As a YT partner shouldn't this be a promoted vid?

  3. wow! lg15 has NEVER been featured before, although lg15 spoofs or responses have been featured multiple times.

    and to respond to anonymous above me: this is a featured vid. youtube does have a financial incentive to feature partners, but it isn't treated any differently as a feature.

  4. I've just read some comments there and they are debating wether it's fake or real? Haha, kinda funny.

  5. What happened to their deal with Myspace? I would think myspace wants exclusive rights to maximize visits to their site.

  6. Why would they want exclusive rights?

    Lonelygirl started on youtube and myspace knows that. and they respect that. they still post the videos over on myspace but ... they're not as promoted now that the 12in12 is over.

    they are. but not as much as they were before.


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