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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bless You-Charlie (KateModern)

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Gavin was meant to bring me some soup, but someone else beat him to it...


  1. If she's not really sick, then this is damn good acting.


  2. That reminds me, its time to feed my Neopet:)

  3. ok noooo modelmotion no neopets noo... i quited like 3 months ago... gave away all my neopoints, stocks, and objects! lol

    Dare I say that Creepy Steve actually was very cute and caring... even if it's a facade...

  4. Creepy Steve sure didn't stay around very long when that watcher, um, I mean Tariq, showed up.

  5. neopets? weren't those the things all the kids had like 10 years ago?

    Creepy Steve was actually kind of sweet there. But he got a little jumpy for some reason when Tariq showed up. :-P

  6. The more I see creepy steve, the more I like him

  7. I wonder if he was updating his bebo page so it would look better next time CNN used it for a story about online predators.

  8. I really like creepy Steve after this video...and I think he likes Charlie. :)


  9. I was wondering if she was really sick, too, because if that was acting then it totally convinced me!

    Poor Charlie.


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