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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

BreeFM with Glenn <--LIVE NOW

Join Glenn as he spins some great tunes and fills in some of the blanks.

  • BreeFM - Music of the Breeniverse: Website or Direct Stream

  • Due to high volume of listeners... we are enacting 2 streams to listen. When you click one of the links, click on LISTEN and open the file in your preferred audio player. Stream 1 is: http://raptor.mediacast1.com:20020 Stream 2 is: http://micfranxon.dhs.org:8069

    The untold tale of the cowboy . He had Daniel but what was the back story? So, we will have a radio drama which will involve us all. A community project to tell the story if you will? What do you think? Coming soon to BreeFM.

    There will be auditions for the voice roles.....so this is your chance. Stay tuned!
    There is a surprise special guest. Who is it?????????? Ricky Stern...aka LazyDork He is talking about why he dissed LG15.

    He suggested that Mia Rose is a fake vlogger.
    Commentary on LG15 Videos: The first script from Glenn - Bree Phone Home
    It was a response to what people had been asking for. That is for Bree to be more pro-active. The vlog was montage of Bree making phone calls. It also shed some light on the character of Cassie. We had not heard anything about Cassie for 2 months. Glenn pitched the idea of Bree making crank calls with Cassie. He was trying to put Cassieiswatching into perspective by "resetting the character". His idea was for Daniel to meet a girl at a party. She would look familiar. She would exhib some crazy behavior and run to Bree who would know it was Cassie.

    Glenn based the P. Monkey part of the phone call on an old girl friend.

    And idea that did not make it to the final draft was an OpAphid component like "be well for your own sake" or call Gemmas rents.
    B-man asked about Gemma....see later shows for a response.
    Tide To Revenge Afire: Glenn composed the music from drum sounds etc to created a bad ass techno track. Shot in Encino CA at night. It stemmed from the Human Ransom Video. While driving from LAX to Miles Apartment......he got some shots of the buses. As it was getting darker he noticed a lighting style. He wished he had a shot like that for Human Ransom video so he just filed the idea away.

    Originally it was supposed to be a Red Line bus.
    How preplanned was Opaphid? Based on a screen play from 2002. Originally called RedEarth. Glenn has a 3 week plan when he thought LG15 would end on 10/12.....and then it expanded when LG15 did not end.

    He described his present work as a "dynamic ARG" which changes based on influence of "audience".


    1. modelmotion, you ought to post the original rap vid by lazydork in this thread!!!

    2. lazydork seemed non-plussed that we weren't worshipping him, but he is a cool guy.

    3. lazydork privated or deleted the lg15 rap video, along with many others. He only has 15 videos up now. Too bad, because that was a classic.


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