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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Comment Board Summit #2

Well after the great reception the other comment Board meeting... well we decided to hack our little droid again for some other stored video... We've got it! This video is of when some commenter decided to retire and hang the mouse :-S Anyhow... again, can you name the commenters??

Enjoy... meep!


  1. This is the best idea ever. I hope they make more.

  2. great vid! hahaha


  3. I saw Joe and Naxan and QtheC and Dream and WO and Highlands in the that one! :)

  4. hahahaha, well I saw our droid too (DO NOT WANT), me (Ms. Happy Thoughts), Joe, WO, QtheC, Higlands, Deja and Linds, and Perks, and the mention of our lovely meeps!
    Gotta love them!



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