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Monday, October 15, 2007

Everything You Need To Know About Maddison Atkins

Chapter two of Maddison Atkins follows a lazy film student named Clara Stokes as she attempts to complete her thesis on the deaths of Maddison and Adam. She arranges meetings with many people involved in investigation of the deaths, as well as people involved in the events leading up to the deaths themselves. However, after finding the accused murderer dead, Clara realizes that she's in over her head. She quickly became withdrawn, gets terrible nightmares, and refuses to work on her thesis any longer. She begins drowning her sorrows in alcohol. Maddison's father, Gregory Atkins tries to entice Clara to continue working on the project, offering her money to continue doing so. Additonally, Marla Singer, an online friend of Clara's, tries to help by visiting her, but does not have any luck.
Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, a young girl named Rachel receives a film assignment from her professor, and begins putting together video diaries chronologizing her life. She talks about her ex-boyfriend Jordan and her worries about an STD test. Elsewhere, a young man named Linc receives instructions to protect Rachel. The two meet and go on a date, but Rachel quickly becomes mad when she finds out Linc's intentions are to protect her, not to date her. She dumps Linc, and goes for her STD test. However, things do not go well there, and Linc ends up having to rescue Rachel from a mysterious doctor. Rachel and Linc go on the run, but soon get kidnapped by OpAphid.


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