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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Explanations and regrets - addmusic3039

I really, really like this video, and I just felt that I needed to move it to this account. I've been thinking a lot lately...about regrets and things mispoken and argued over.

Double L, I'll never know the whole story- I mistakenly walked into the end. This time I've blamed you for something long coming and for that I am so sorry.

Lara Mary Walker- Codenames: Guilotine Calamity, Sister, and my personal favorite- red.

March 20th 1989-May 23rd 2007.

To the world you were sister, but you will always be my cousin.

Also, everyone that watches this- know that we hold the missing pieces and the the whole truth will never be shown. There are three points of view here, four if you're lucky.

For too long I've felt sorry for something that never happened, maybe that will change soon...isn't that right, Spoon?

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I warned you all I was sick, so I've Zane'D on a few things. Forgive me, I've corrected them ^_^


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