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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Exploring the Red Territory - The new Worldfiles playlists

For those interested in the series grouped together on the lonelygirl15 forums under the banner The Red Territory, there are a couple of new playlists available on YouTube that make following these stories easier.

For Worldfiles, there are two playlists on the impulseLG channel. The first playlist, London Files, with 17 videos, and the second playlist, San Francisco Files, with 45 videos and counting.

These new lists are a huge help for new viewers, or current fans who want to look back or review. The series videos reside on several YouTube accounts, and these playlists put them all into chronological order. The London Files playlist includes videos from channels impulseLG, 2tracker2, thejanitorofoxford, StormGenie, and whoiskris. San Francisco Files draws from thejanitorofoxford, OperationOssifrage, impulseLG, whoiskris, JayNineteen, ZorinXL, phipunk, and filiascientis.

Keeping things straight was definitely getting confusing, so these new playlists are a great addition... check them out - there are some very well made videos telling an interesting story and some mind-bending puzzles in the Worldfiles series, many of which remain unsolved on the forums.

There are also new playlists on the redearth88 channel for redearth88 (Linc and Rachel and Clara) 41 videos, OpAphid v. Tachyon 28 videos, and Maddison Atkins Ch 1 with 13 videos.

What do you think? Do you find these playlists as helpful as I do?

EDIT: Since this article was initially published, the San Francisco Files playlist has increased from 45 to 47 videos, with the inclusion of two by DeagolTheStoor... these playlists are not completely trivial to construct even by the PM (Impulse) ;).


  1. i find all theese very helpfull, its hell finding your way about anything most of the time if you want to go from start to finnish.

    so i applaud the playlists =D

  2. These are super helpfull, plus it gives me a reason to go back and watch the entire series :)


  3. the sfo playlist also includes two of my vids!

  4. Because I figured that you guys would appreciate this:

    I put together a "RedEarth88" playlist that encompasses all of the following stories:

    Maddison Atkins, Chapter 1
    Maddison Atkins, Chapter 2

    Which, as you know, follows the overarching story that is currently known as RedEarth88.


    Enjoy! :-)

  5. Yes, this is a huge help!

    Is something similar in the works for Will-o-Wisp? IMO, that's the toughest series to get started with since the videos are distributed among multiple accounts from the very beginning.


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