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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Glenn on BreeFM

What Time Is It?

DJ Glenn Rubenstein - 8pm - 10pm (11pm - 1am EST)
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DJ Glenn Rubenstein is now live on BreeFM.

Its Time!

Last Friday RedEarth resumed. New stuff will be hitting soon.

Episode commentary: Cut To The Chase - lofisyndicate

We were spotted, but I think we're okay for the moment. However, I don't want to risk being followed again... It's hard to form a strategy when I don't even know who we're up against. Also, it's becoming difficult to keep secrets from Rachel--especially when I need her to trust me.
I think it's time to rendezvous. Get in touch with me ASAP.
PS. Do I have you to thank for the assist back there?

Cut To The Chase - lofisyndicate on LGPedia

Greg Gallows asked about the warspy device. While Glenn was working at CNET he saw someone on the street looking at himself on a security camera. You can grab the public signal using a warspy device.

In LG15 it would probably have been shot down because it was too complicated for Bree/Daniel to build. With cut to the chase he originally intended to use real surveillance footage. It presented legal problems regarding ownership of the video. If someone is not consenting to the shoot it gets tricky. Hence Glenn has to simulate "the look". It was shot in the Encino area close to where a lot of LG is shot (its also the area where the cowboy was shot and the clinic video).

A lot of people appreciate an action video and the warspy device is key to how those are done. Kevin Rose ( digg.com) has a video that shows how to make one.

Bory asked about the name RedEarth. The name is very old. It suggests very interesting things.

Zoey asked if 88 is a reference to the year Rachel was born. Glenn said that is one of them, but there is more!

Virginian9000 asked how J and G plan to expand the fan base for Maddison Atkins

Glenn - cant go into detail but the fans can do something. The series name is RedEarth88: it covers everything so think of it as an umbrella for Maddison Atkins, Rachel, Lofisyndicate, Warpylol. You can watch RedEarth and just get a straight narrative. The other characters will exist in a more grey area with ARG elements.

There is another component of the RedEarth88 series that has not arrived yet. Expect to see a new co-star: a familiar face in RedEarth. Glenn enjoyed working in stealth for the first few weeks. The bio on the 12th street house site was set up previously for other projects.

What can we do?
a) Tell people to check out RedEarth88.
b) Secondly you can sent e-mails to youtube to ask for it to be featured: [email protected] Youtube actually has someone who picks out content to be featured. Tahcyon and Opaphid numbers are not that far away from being in the top 100. If RedEarth88 could get the youtube partner program that would be huge!.

There would be more OpAphid videos but they take approximately 5 days or more to produce. For every one that has been posted, several have not finished the production cycle.

The Rachel videos are more straight forward. Sara is a fantastic actress: the best Glenn has ever worked with. The universe is wider than our views of it (the tag at the end says a lot).

They would like to get RedEarth88 out infront of investors but they just have not had time.

Roytheboy asked: how do you get funding?

Glenn - had saved up enough money (journalism, consulting etc) to put down a down payment on a house,....and then he got the idea for OpAphid and decided to take a chance. Zero income from LG15, OpAphid etc so he has basically gambled.
Glenn said he cannot talk about where he was two weeks ago: a story that was reported on this blog.
"The Untold Saga of the Cowboy": now auditioning.
Post your videos on YouTube. Deadline Oct 24.
IPOD OPERA (What is it?).: A YouTube group. Glenn had different accounts. OpAphid, Warpylol etc. It is called that because its an anagram for Operation Aphid. The group was set up early on when he was still figuring things out. There might be some members dropping out and there might be some people being added....so stay tuned. We have seen Warpylol is not affiliated with OpAphid so are they on different sides of the fence or still working together? People have speculated and some of it is correct. The concept originally was the idea of an official group that players could belong to or have some affiliation with.

You have core ideas and you have ideas that you would like to do. The core story has always been solid. With the looser part it can be interesting because you can find new shades.

Lofisyndicate is an organisation that has an interactive component. We did not really get to explore that but there will be more in the future. People can serves as part of the organisation as it gets expanded in the coming weeks and months. It could go beyond iPod Opera.

One BAD idea that was never done: People were trying to work with OpAphid. If you pissed off OpAphid you could be declared fair game which mean that the other players would harass you (cf Scleintology Operation Clam Bake). OpAphid did that a little on peoples profiles. Why was it a BAD idea: If you are playing the game you could mess with OpAphid back. It also seemed like borderline harassment.

Brother - in character interaction:
Glenn used to have a lot of phone numbers so he could definately have messed with people but he went way out of his way not to harass people.
Rachel's theme: Glenn wrote the track
The story behind the videos is often just as interesting as the videos. For example:
Safety concerns with Watcher using numb chucks: Amanda is the voice of reason.

In "Human Ransom," Miles dad hooked up the building. Greg was the one who threw the FLASH BANG and he did it two times in a row!!!! It was a stripped can of soup that was modified in after effects to give it that look It was probably a small can of Cambells soup.
Dehteraew: how do you say the name? It is "we are the D" in reverse (a referene to the D in OpAphid) The recent video Farewells was not part of RedEarth88. It included LG footage and Glenn said he would not do that. Glenn wished Logan Rapp all the best in other projects.
Teaser: the scoop on RED TERRITORY ....NEXT WEEK.

With all this said, one really big mystery remains. When will we see Glenn " Juggle for World Peace"?

Send questions to: [email protected]


  1. Nice job taking notes so a wider audience can stay informed... in real time, no less! ;)

  2. :) Its great content. I lub the show. Its great for plugging holes and background info.


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