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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Has LG come down with an STV???

Sexually Transmitted Virus.

Alright so I know that that is made up (sort of) but check this out:

This was posted by someone by the name of Lonelygirl155. And can be found here:
under the title "Rate my A$$ and T!ts" (censored.....)

if you can't watch the video because ... for what ever reason, It's Gemma's video talking about when she was 13 and she liked a boy named Sam who owned a gas station. The Spam video was released in November, as the orginal was released in October (for all you conspiracy theorists who think this is some weird viral marketing ploy)

If you search a bit more on youtube you'll find TON'S of professionally produced material such as Lonelygirl15, Prom Queen, Sam7friends, etc being used by pornography companies as Spam Gateways.

This by the way, violates one of the cardinal sins in the TOS (The Order's Sin Code of Ethics).


  1. I don't get it????

  2. That's exactly what I said!! lmao

  3. Someone want to explain this?

  4. Someone "stole" the video, put it on their own account in order to promote their own "material".

  5. "This by the way, violates one of the cardinal sins in the TOS (The Order's Sin Code of Ethics)."

    This struck me as humorous in a number of ways.

    Please, people, try not to violate cardinal sins. The sins were put in place for a reason, and will be enforced. Why have a "Sin Code of Ethics" if we don't intend to follow it? ;)


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