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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Recently the Lonelygirl15 YouTube profile changed. Oh Dear! Where has Bree gone. Emma?

Ok, yea, I saw the finale but still. Was it time to move on, or should we remember where it all began (ie Bree).

Leave a comment below and let us know what YOU think!!!!!!!!


It has also been noted that LG15 was loosing subscribers over the past days. I believe it was over 101,000 and it has since dropped to 100,974

It is not clear if this will be a permanant icon or if it will rotate over time. What would you do if you were Creators? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. I am off to collect some wood for the bonfire.

  2. that had to have happened very recently, because i noted a few days ago it was still bree's cellphone video.

    lg15.com is down right now. anyone know why?

    http://www.anchorcove.net is up.

  3. Oh....my....god. Someone gouge my eyes out! Lonely girl is off the lonely girl page! Nooooo! Quick, everyone get a paper bag and hunch into the feetle position, the end is near! O.O

  4. Well, guess it was time to move one, but it hurts to see that Bree is definately gone now :(

  5. If they are going to use that account to post other videos besides ones with Bree in them, as is the case now, then yes, I agree.

  6. bad pic of emma too
    ugh i miss bree so much

  7. they changed it just recently to a pic of jonas and emma I believe

  8. That makes me sad.

  9. They need to just put up a cast pic and trash the other YT accounts. Save the ship or they will go down with Tariq's rat.

    That first pic was beyond heresy. JR's pic had to go, but I can't even express how tasteless that first picture is given who she is "replacing".

    Yet another momentous blunder.

  10. GF brings up a good point - is there still a need for multiple accounts? Everyone knows this is a produced show now anyways.

    Whey can't they post everything on the LG15 account and just state who posted it in the description, like they already do on every video. "We all got shot by the Order today - Daniel"

  11. Actually sorry, that was cg. I can't read!

  12. Replace it with Sarah's pic

  13. I think they should keep Jessica Rose's image as the icon for Lonelygirl15.

    I don't think it would be credible to bring Bree back in the present, but it would be very cool to bring her back in flashbacks, to fill in some of the unanswered questions from the past, and give new twists/insights into the Hymn of One, the Order, the Ceremony, etc.

    I do think Katherine Pawlak (as Emma) has been a great addition to the cast, a very good actress.

  14. Given that this is YouTube, and we know that 90% of their audience is guys looking for pictures of sexy chicks, if they want to attract more viewers they should just put up a picture of Sarah in one of her more lurid outfits and LEAVE IT THERE.

  15. I definately think that the icon should be Bree no matter what the future brings.

    The characters get their video icon so they get their moment of fame.

    Creators killed Bree....the least they can do is let us have her "icon".

  16. Perhaps they want us to subscribe to the HOO instead, since that has a Bree icon!


  17. I think they should take in account that probably a lot of those accounts that unsubscribed probably were suspended accounts or deleted accounts, and that a lot of viewers don't actually subscribe to the vids. I just watch them here.

    I really don't care who is in the icon. I mean...everyone knows who lonelygirl15 is, or rather what it is. And since the LG15 account keeps being given to everyone, they should just have it set to the latest video being the icon. That's what I think.

  18. The latest vid would be one way to go. I can see that.

    I just think that the Bree Icon sets the tone for the story better and creates a sense of identity for the page. They have lots to choose from so they can pick a good one.

    Its just seems like the respectful thing to do.


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