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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hymn Of One - Charlie (KateModern)

Remember creepy Steve? No I couldn’t forget him either...

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  1. Charlie is on the case!

  2. the series should be about charlie. i like her much better :)

  3. Charlie appears to work in the same place as me!

  4. O_o
    but its called KATE modern

    and kates not bad.
    shes ... just different.

    a little stubborn at times.
    and forceful.
    but shes kate

  5. I must say Charlie seems to have more depth to her character than Kate.

    This series has really brought together the right mix of people to make this work. KateModern has been a stunning success in a short amount of time.

  6. I thought that Steve thought Kate was special... why would he completely disregard what Charlie was saying? I would have thought he'd be more concerned and would be willing to do anything if Kate was in trouble!

  7. I am just happy to see that Charlie is as distracted at work by all of this as me.

    oh here comes the boss..

  8. Question is which level is Steve being promoted to? Watcher? The same level as Bree's mum?

    And I think Charlie's awesome :D

  9. I love Charlie. <3


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