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Monday, October 22, 2007

Kate Returns - Charlie (KateModern)

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  1. Yes, Charlie! Way to stand up for yourself.

  2. Haha she looks all Clore-esque. Freaky.

  3. I think Charlie officially became the lead female in the show... I could care less about what happens to Kate at this point... but Charlie... Charlie is the one I'm attached to.

  4. I agree with anon! I care way more about Charlie than Kate.

  5. Charlie has long been the main character in my mind. Its interesting to see the story focus on someone effect by the order, but not the person pursued by them.

  6. I agree with my three friends anonymous!
    Charlie has officially become the lead character and I don't think anyone cares about Kate's decisions, especially since she's "of age."
    I think alot of us cared about Bree, and now Emma, because they're young, naive, and aren't as familiar with the world's cruel nature. Kate is! She's a big girl. If she wants to be brainwashed and play with the Order- so be it.
    Although the show would become very interesting if Kate became the new Order postergirl like OpAPHID once was and she and Charlie butt heads since Charlie is on the verge of revealing the Order to those across the Pond.

  7. I agree that I've never really cared at all about Kate. I never connected with her. It never really mattered to me what happened to her.

    I love Charlie, Gavin, and Tariq. I'm glad the series focuses on them.

  8. goddamnit, now charlie's gonna get sick again!

  9. There was a mime in the beginning of the video. I hate mimes. I like Charlie.

  10. agreed with everyone.. i think i said this before but it should be called charliemodern. i never really liked kate and was actually really disappointed by the series until charlie came along.


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