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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

LonelyGirl15 Case Study

FITC Hollywood 2007
The Rich Media Entertainment Festival
Hollywood, CA USA
Oct 22-23, 2007

"Not long ago, no one had heard of LonelyGirl15. A young girl posting video messages on YouTube captivated pop culture with conspiracy theories. Meanwhile behind the scenes, a new form of interactive narrative was being born. Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried joined Mesh Flinders to create the viral phenomenon of 2006-2007 – featured on the cover of Wired magazine and spoofed by Carmen Electra, LonelyGirl15 consistently reaches millions of viewers who speculate and influence the dynamic filmmaking process."

Who This Presentation Is For:
All emerging producers who want to explore interactive narrative on a massive scale.

What Attendees Will Walk Away With:
An understanding of just how viral your content can become, and what to expect once it reaches the top.

Miles Beckett Greg Goodfried


From Miles Beckett Bio:
"Along with producing partner Greg Goodfried, Beckett has formed the digital studio, LG15 Studios with the purpose of creating original content and marketing campaigns for digital platforms (internet/mobile/IPTV)."
Hummmmm....I guess Mesh is not part of LG15 Studios.

1 comment:

  1. So, I was going to try to attend this but tickets are $199 for students with no option for just attending this one event (it's part of a festival).


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