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Friday, October 26, 2007

What Happened - (Lonelygirl15 on MySpaceTV)

Lonelygirl15 - What Happened

I'm still shaken up by what I witnessed. - Emma
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What Happened on LGPedia

Is This The End? on LGPedia

This web site was mentioned in the video "Is This The End?": http://www.whatweird.com/. If you know the significance of this web site, leave a note below so that it can be added to LGPedia ~mm


  1. I thought one of 2 things would happen:

    1) Virgil would save the day and they would save Emma effectively hitting the reset button for season 2
    2) There would be a major shakeup. Characters would die and new ones would be introduced.

    I guess they went with the reset button.

    I have 3 problems with this episode: a) Claire flipping out didn't play for me. She never was shown as unstable or wavering in her conviction. b) Virgil saves Emma so basically instead of the rogue elder draining her, she can be properly drained by the HOO. c) How are Jonas' parents going to protect Emma? Surely the Order will come for her again.

  2. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............thats all LOL

  3. More like "What the Crap Was That?"

  4. way to make me cry in the beginning!

  5. Spectacular.
    However, immo1 has his points.
    I think if HOO comes after her it'll be different, they'll want a donation not her life, right?
    Either way it's not happening.
    I hope he continues to be a good guy.
    I think they made a good movewith the whole 'Claire Breakdown' scene. As if you couldn't see right through her before. It's classic sub, unsub behavior. The elder was pulling her strings and once thosestrings were cut (i.e. they killed the elder) she snapped.

  6. yawn....haven't we seen this before???

  7. Nothing too shocking here. I was secretly hoping for a Lucy vs. Claire rumble.

  8. Claire killed the Elder - this could mean she was in support of the Order, but against this rogue Elder in the end.

    Then Claire turned her gun on Emma and appeared to be struggling with a decision to kill her. Why would she do this other than to deprive the other Elders of the Order from using Emma's trait positive blood? Or was Claire just trying to decide whether to take Emma hostage and escape with her?

    It's still not clear where Claire's loyalty was, or whether "La Rezisto" was just a sham. I'm not sure whether or not this ambiguity was intentional.

    In any case, it's interesting that the rogue elder has 90 year old organs, though too bad we didn't learn his name for future reference.

  9. Thoughts I Thunk After Watching The Video

    I don't like the way the video made it seem like Emma was still being held by the Elder in the beginning. The concept is fine but to have a man sternly putting his hand on her shoulder, pacing with his hands on his hips only to reveal at the end it's her dad is badly handled in my opinion. There were better ways to make us think something went wrong and she was still being held.

    Daniel is holding the door closed. Sarah instead of helping Jonas even after Daniel tells her to continues filming. They find the secret passage and go through. Why were they not followed? As soon as Daniel stopped holding the door it should have been smashed in within seconds. I didn't like that there was no further mention or scene of the pursuers.

    When they drop down, Sarah goes first. I'd think someone with a gun would lead the way but okay I guess. Not a huge problem for me but more of a nit pick, I don't get why they switch around who does the camera work. Jonas and Daniel have the guns, if anyone is going to film it should be Sarah and not have it passed around between them.

    The Elder guy is just a really bad actor. So the way he delivered his lines made me laugh and not take him serious. Also I realize that to get us the viewers information sometimes things need to be repeated. However for the Elder to tell Claire about not having to pretend, that he may look fine but his organs are 90 years old, well it seems out of place. Claire knows all this already and while it may be said for our benefit, it should be done in a better way. If that was real life Claire would find it odd he was telling her stuff she already knows.

    The whole stand off thing was laughable because of the Elder's awful acting and dialogue. I really like the acting of both Emma and Claire during this scene and the emotion they showed. Yet it's like if you are dining on the best food in the world but it's served on a smelly, dirty plate. All you can see is the plate and you don't even want to touch the food anymore.

    Lastly it goes back to Emma in her room. She's with her parents now because Jonas brought her home and they are not going to let anyone hurt her and not let Jonas bother her every again. Um so Jonas just what, dropped her off and left? It was nice of him to leave Emma the tape so she could get through her grief and make some smazzy edits before posting two murders to the internet.

    Well that sure was wrapped up in a nice red bow. I'm sure no one will be bothering Emma again and Jonas can go back to living alone and working out, Daniel can go back to school and have a happy life with Mallory and Sarah will, ya know, I don't care what she does but I'm sure she'll be happy whatever it is she does.

  10. That manor was nice, but not as pleasant as advertised.

  11. hmmmmmmm, I think maybe Emma is back in the hands of the Order, that her & Jonas' parents are still Hymn-Of-One befuddled, but maybe she doesn't realize it yet.

    Jonas might have brought her home, but maybe she was grabbed on the way out of the manor.

  12. Virgil..
    Anybody getting Dante thoughts?
    Leading a chosen one through the inferno to bring salvation.. But who's beatrice? Bree..
    Lalala too much italian lit in my head.

  13. That was kinda lame IMO. -EmiB

  14. Also, KM has been WAAY better than LG15 lately.

    I love Emma, but LG15 is just so contrived now.


  15. what kind of parents make you make a video about getting kidapped and murders just after your home =p

  16. umm, way to copy LOST with the dramatic hit at the end of the video, accompanied with a logo! But hey, it is cool. Now if only every video of this series was as action packed as this one, I just may like it more. That bald guy can't act, and he should of been killed off long ago. Ugh he is so bad it hurts my feelings !

  17. What kind of person takes the time to edit (even if they say they're not) a video and post it online when they're in the middle of a potentially fatal situation? Realism went out the window a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago. Remember when the Creators were trying to make LG15 believable? What happened to that?

  18. I actualy kind of like the anit-realism. I mean as odd as it sounds it makes more believable.

  19. i think people ahve to get over the realism aspect of the show...
    give it up. The creators have said since the beginning this show with be like lost. It will be a reality, that looks like our reality, but is bent and twisted to their liking. I mean..there. That means that it won't be ... realistic. It would just seem realistic 10% of the time.

    ... that made more sense in my head like a minute ago.

  20. I'm just really sick of all the guns. :/

  21. Ditto about the guns, silverblue.

    My thoughts on this video are limited, because lately I've been playing these videos and listening to them without really watching them. I play Spider Solitaire instead.

    That should tell everyone something. It sure tells me something.

    And I am really starting to hate Jonas' parents. She's not even their flesh and blood, and they are fawning all over her. He's theirs, even though they refuse to believe it, and he's the scary man that won't bother her anymore.

    It sickens me. These people are obviously very mentally malleable, and The Order are the ones doing the molding.


  22. About the "not flesh & blood" comment above, as an adoptive parent I can tell you the love between parents and their children is very, very real, and it has nothing to do with biological ties.

    The sort of "not her flesh and blood," or "they're not her REAL parents" kind of sentiment comes from those who are ignorant about adoption. Unfortunately, we've heard such ignorant statements come out of Jonas's mouth several times in the series, which shows a lack of sensitivity on behalf of the writers/creators.

  23. The Scary City is SOOOOO much better than LG15 can even hope to be.

    Just sayin'. We've all got an opinion.


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