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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Maddison Atkins 1 day recap

Because a lot has happened in 24 hours:

1. Redearth's new vid can be found here

While this vid is still new and other things might come, so far what has been found is:

New youtube account. youtube.com/redearth88
Possible new website for the series: www.redearth88.com

2. Marla has released a video with the second tinygame. The Last tinygame led to a Maddison Atkins journal page. Follow the second one to see where it leads! That can be found here and discussed here and here

3. Lastly, the Maddison Atkins LG15 forums has been moved into "The Red Territory"
The main forums for Maddison Atkins are also available here

Feel free to post in the comments any thing you find out.


  1. Totally worth the wait!

    Best Payoff Evar :)

  2. Definitely awesome!

    Because the in-game playlist wasn't keeping up with some videos, I decided to make a complete playlist of all Maddison Atkins videos--Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

    Includes all videos from maddisonatkins, dehteraew, lofisyndicate, amblyopianne, redearth, redearth88, 15over15, and adamlamar. Also, includes videos involved with the Maddy Atkins story from the accounts xmarlasingerx, opaphid, 10033, and warpylol.


    So for any newbies to the story, there's your easy catch-up. :-)

  3. sweet! totally bookmarked :)

    thank you for putting that together.


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