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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Make Me Your Bitch! - GregGallows

Thank you to all of my subscribers, friends, and viewers! This is my offer to you, make me your bitch! Leave a comment telling me what you want me to do and I will do it (within reason).


  1. Bring it on! You know you wanna see me do something crazy,stupid, Possibly dangerous!

    Show me whatcha got :)

  2. How about a series of original dance moves based on IRC handles? (we have to guess which move goes with which IRC name)... e.g. You could focus on BreeFM DJ's :

    DJ MicFranXon
    DJ Jenna
    DJ Skunkwaffle
    DJ KillTheSmiley
    DJ JenniPowell
    DJ GlennRubenstein
    DJ Pebble
    DJ Surrealisticpill
    DJ Jeromy
    DJ Marlasinger
    DJ Kelseygirl15
    DJ ApotheosisAZ
    DJ QtheC

    Those sound like some pretty crazy dance moves to me!

    or you could use some other regulars with appropriate handles such as:
    Modelmotion (the robot - too easy)
    Perky^ (um, could be risky)
    GemmasFlatmate (hmmmmm)
    etc. etc.


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