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Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Boss, New Me, New Storyline... - TJ Marsh

so, many have asked if i have a new boss, a new PM, yes i do...
many know of him and many have heard of him. i cant tell the name. but it will soon be known. i spent many countless videos on my own. working very hard to keep them going, with this new PM,it means that i will gain some control to my videos and many things that are about to come. I really want to thank the man that has gave me this future. so thank you G. i really look foreward to being more involved with whats to come.

And the story already seems to be a hit, maybe i wont kill it...hope not.

Guys, when i show up on the series, dont bail. its about to be good.

TJ Marsh

glenn said...
Iris, dude. I told you not to spoil things!

I guess I'll have to go with my second choice.



  1. Iris, dude. I told you not to spoil things!

    I guess I'll have to go with my second choice.


  2. Looks like TJ went to the acrowleyorder school of self promotion.

  3. if this is correct...congrats Iris...
    on a side note to Iris ... I really hate the way you do this sometimes. It makes you look like a big liar, even when your telling the truth.
    Either way conrats if this is happening! It's a big step forward in your career.

  4. dammit. i had $20 riding on iris.

  5. EmoSarah is gonna be heart broken if Iris runs off with Rachel. Oh crap, I was not supposed to say anything. My bad Iris.

  6. *sighs*

    You know, I really would prefer not being referred to as the "second choice" and more as the "hot holdout who finally said yes"



  7. G can stand for a lot of thing I suppose, but it definitely doesn't stand for Greg Gallows :)


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