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Friday, October 26, 2007

New LG15 video delayed...

We all have to wait a bit longer for the newest LG15 video. It was supposed to go up around 10 am PST. But around that time, the creators posted this on the comment board:

Hey everyone,

We are soooooo sorry but we are having some technical issues with the video file. We are doing our best but it looks the video won’t go up until around noon pacific.

Sorry for the delay.


  1. *gasp*
    Well if y'all are bored, I just blogged on my own personal blog, and put up a yummy recipe. So you can bake that while you're waiting....

    (or six or seven batches of it..I'm sure by then the video will be up)

  2. I just watched the second part... I wish had been delayed longer.

    I'll say more in reply to the actual video but I wish so much that the creators would stop with all the logic gaps. The video had a lot of great parts and it pulls me out of the story when things make no sense.


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