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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nice Try - jonastko (LG15)

You spent all day making that . . .


  1. What a couple of jerks.

    I expected better from them.



  2. Ugh.

    I guess Sarah proved her point

  3. that was horribly mean. wtf is up with daniel lately? Does he really think he's that better then Sarah? They're on the same effing level. Their both Sluts.

    this video made me mad

  4. did i miss something? what was she supposed to be building??

  5. both... both... JERKS!

  6. she was building a birdhouse, because she was saying that shes just as capable as daniel and jonas are at doing things.

    and jkelly on the forums was right. if i can quote them

    "I love how the Creators just have to drop a word or theme once and everyone pounces on it. Sarah mentioned in one video she thought they were sexist and now every one is all anti-Jonas and Daniel. "They must be sexists. They're such jerks! What a crap video! I don't see anything good left in either of them!" etc. etc. Are you kidding me? They're just joking around, as was pointed out in the comments, treating Sarah as one of them. Don't you think Sarah's a big enough girl to handle it? I bet and know she can take it and give it right back to them. She's just as good at making fun of them as they are of her. And besides, if you were crammed in a room all day, for several days, staring at some computer screen getting so frustrated with these stupid 'symbols' and 'codes' I think you'd be happy for a little laugh. Regardless of where it came from."

    said better than i ever could jkelly :)

  7. I wonder why she crossed out the batman symbol (which could represent Daniel) and drew a superman symbol?

  8. If there's anything we've learned from watching LG15 videos, it's that there are no "filler" videos, and no loose ends. Everything matters. Everything has meaning. Everything is important to the plot in some way, even if we can't see it yet.

    It's not a birdhouse. Sarah's going put a 1,000,000 Watt light bulb in side, and project a big "LaRezisto" image on a cloud. This will call together the forces needed to find and save Emma. Just like Batman, and the Hall of Justice. Or something like that.

    That's no birdhouse. Just you wait and see.


  9. More seriously, I the scene in the backyard is ambiguous, but could imply that Sarah has been taken, or rushed away suddenly, leaving the nails spilled and the pencil and goggles on the ground, etc.

  10. I forgive DB but Imma be xhildish and use this to hate Jonas even more.

  11. Assholes!

    Why do they need a bird house?


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