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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ninja Video - by ElizKM86 (LG15)

Hey everyone,

Thank you soooooo much for making all those great new Ninja Videos. There were 43 videos submitted!!!!!! We loved them all but could only choose one, so here it is. - Mallory

P.S. Re-submit your videos as responses on to this video on YouTube so people can watch them below :)


  1. It's not the worst, first off, and secondly, you cannot expect them to just go ahead and pick the one that looks the most professional. Especially if it makes their regular editing look like crap - like Veggie's would have. :( <3 Veggie's. It was definitely the best in terms of professionalism/flow. But Eliz's is fun and representative of what Daniel should have handed in in the first place. Not only that, she did voiceover AND added footage from another vid. Creative! Best part though: she cut out Mallory at the end. I love that.

    Good job Eliz.

  2. Marla was responding to an anonymous negative comment which I deleted. There seem to be quite a few of these lately, and I'm getting tired of them.

  3. Better, but after watching I don't know how many different versions I got so sick of Mallory's rant on cream cheese and the ninjas. No matter how you edit the vid, it still sucks. I should have just waited for them to post the winner.

  4. Thank you for standing up for me Marla. I couldnt possibly respond to everyone who did like my video, nor should I have to. I really appreciate that you stepped in and said something nice. I actually saw yours after I had submitted mine, and I thought yours had a better chance than mine!


    PS: To everyone: I know now that I spelled beginning wrong. Big deal. I could change it, but you would never see it. It already belongs to lg15. They have it. It's theres. Get over it.

  5. liz - technically it's their spelling mistake, now! haha, suckers. :P

    I love you eliz, you're awesome.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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