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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Opportunity Crisis! - Redearth (RedEarth88)

I've got way too much on my mind right now...
I really hate it when life requires me to make a decision.


Now that the newest vid has been posted, it is time to implement Operation Red Sunday. As part of "Operation Red Sunday" make sure you post your comments on YouTube. If you want to leave a comment below just copy it over to YouTube and make sure your presence is felt there!

Please comment on the youtube video and also reply to others' comments on the video. We would like most of the conversation to be on the video if possible. We are hoping to push the video into the most discussed list on youtube.

Subscribe to the official YouTube account for the RedEarth88 series, with playlists for Maddison Atkins, Tachyon & Brother vs. OpAphid, and Rachel & Linc's stories:


The RedEarth88 channel subscribes to OpAphid, Tachyon, 10033 (Brother), warpylol, maddisonatkins, amplyopianne (Clara), redearth (Rachel), and lofisyndicate (Linc).

Also, Opladybug has started a youtube group for fans of RedEarth88:


Let's all go join it!

Update: New redearth video =

#17 - Most Viewed (Today) - People & Blogs http://www.youtube.com/browse?t=t&p=1&s=mp&c=22&l=
#21 - Top Rated (Today) - People & Blogs http://www.youtube.com/browse?t=t&p=2&s=tr&c=22&l=
#4 - Most Discussed (Today) http://youtube.com/browse?s=md&t=t&c=0&l=
#2 - Most Discussed (Today) - People & Blogs http://youtube.com/browse?t=t&p=1&s=md&c=22&l=
#53 - Top Favorites (Today) - People & Blogs http://www.youtube.com/browse?t=t&p=3&s=mf&c=22&l=

Opportunity Crisis! - Redearth (RedEarth88) on LGPedia.

LGPedia: Maddison Avenue need your HELP!


  1. The video is showing on the first page of the most discussed videos for today! It's currently the very last video on the page but hopefully it will move up....

  2. I'm impressed with the video, and the strategy of Red Sunday seems sound. Will it increase the number of subscribers as a benefit as well?

    Number of redearth subscribers at the time of this post: 837.

  3. top of the "most discussed" page :)

  4. The number one spot is within reach if "Operation Red Sunday" keeps up the current momentum!

  5. We have broken throught the weekly totals, it is just that youtube hasn't registered it yet (youtube is buggy).

    We have more comments than the currently weekly title holders. In fact, I think we would be on the third page.

  6. weekly and monthly totals have not been broken through, and it is on the honors.

    Also, redearth has broken into the "most viewed today - directors" list.


    Lists lists lists. As long as we get on as many lists as possible! :)

  7. Opladybug has started a youtube group:


    Let's all go join it!

    I can't post to the blog right now. Maybe QtheC or modelmotion or Greg can edit my post and put this on it? Thanks. I will when I get home if no one gets to it.

  8. The Redearth account now has 867 subscribers. I'd say that "Red Sunday" is having an impact.

  9. I added the links in this article to user/redearth88 and to group/redzone earlier today.

    The RedZone group is currently at 15 members.

  10. redearth88 channel currently has 147 subscribers.

    I don't know if this is an accurate count since some subscribers appear on the subscribers list multiple times (pcxl 4 times, viginian9000 3 times, Bunny0823 4 times, september2star 4 times, KimberlyPandemonium 3 times, mrox 2 times, melsdiner 2 times breetellslies 2 times, The Epicenter 2 times etc.) There appear to be 8 pages of 20 subscribers each which would be 160, so maybe this is just some kind of YouTube display bug? I am subscribed, and I don't appear on the list at all, so who knows???


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