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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pi - Danielbeast (LG15)

I took this footage of Jonas and wanted to share it with you. I don't think he'll be mad, but I'm worried about his sanity. Do you guys think there's something there? - Daniel
Sign language much!

Pi on LGPedia

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  1. I know some sign language but if what she was doing was asl it was very simple and hard to understand, some things looked like girl, where, fine and what. Also when she is saying at the very end of the video that she is fine there is a slight shake of the head indicating that she is not fine.

  2. Also when she has her finger in pointing up and kindof circling it could mean alone.

  3. The first one looks like "listen" to me.

  4. I don't think its listen, listen is with your index finger.

  5. Well can you suggest what you think each sign might be?

  6. Taking everything as numbers, here is a rough list of signs + things said:

    (call me on the phone I'm down in a well sign)
    1 (finger sign)
    (hand shuffling sign)
    4 (fingers sign on back of other hand)
    we talk about hymn of one
    my first family
    (giving sign)
    first family about 6 years ago (cutting sign)
    my new parents over the last 6 years
    I was 9
    singing recital at hymn of one campus
    car accident on the 405

    1 411 1 669 1 405

    The "1 411" could indicate a business location (white pages listing). The rest could be a phone number or possibly the "405" was literally to mean Emma is near the 405 highway in Los Angeles.

  7. Ashleypacka says on the forums:

    "So here's my theory....

    She grabs her ear and put her hand near her heart. She also mentions the 405, we know she's in LA, can hear an airplane, and crosses her hands like an X. Which to me signals, near LAX. I brought up some maps of LAX and there's an Earheart Ave just north of the airport. It's close enough to hear planes and it's quite ironic that she touches her ear and heart, and the street is literally called Earheart."

    Thought I would post that here, because it seems like a good theory to me.

  8. Since there seems to be a clue related to numbers in Emma's video, and the new video is named "Pi", I decided to look at the digits of Pi.

    On this website you can search the first 200 million digits of Pi for arbitrary number strings.

    If you go there and search for 405, it returns: "The string 405 occurs at position 595 counting from the first digit after the decimal point. The 3. is not counted."

    Now, here is the "AHA" moment. At that position in the Pi sequence (the first appearance of 405), the digits 405 are immediately preceded by 669, the other numbers Emma clearly mentions in her video (ignoring "first family" and "hymn of one")

    "The string and surrounding digits:

    76752384674818467669 405 13200056812714526356

    I have no idea what this means, but that would be a pretty amazing coincidence, so I think this must be part of the solution.

  9. Here's a guess: Emma is underground (like Bree was under the hangar in 12in12), and she is trying to indicate both her location and the code to open the entrance.

    It's not exact, but the sign she makes with one hand over top of the other is similar to "enter" http://www.aslpro.com/cgi-bin/aslpro/aslpro.cgi

    and in the earlier signs she seems to be looking up, and pointing up.

    In the previous hangar, Spencer translated numbers (frequencies) from "Deep Throat" into notes that he keyed into his cell phone to open the door. http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Lonelygirl15_Season_Finale_7_of_12_%E2%80%93_2_pm

    Maybe something similar is needed here.

    If they are going to perform the "ceremony" on Emma soon, it would make sense that she would be in a ficility similar to the one Bree died in.

  10. I have a logic problem with this. If Emma didn't know they were going to edit the video then how did it happen to be they didn't edit out the parts where she was sending a secret message? If she did know, then how did she know which parts they were going to edit?


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