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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Red Territory: Crossing Borders


Red Territory: Crossing Borders
by immortal1 on Thu Oct 25, 2007 5:46 pm

1. Mister Gone (from WoW) contacts Kris(from Worldfiles) in a video posted as a response to LondonfFiles_011, and asked him to retrieve something at Waterhouse's grave at Kensal Green Cemetery in London.
Video Reference: Enchanted Garden

2. Kris acknowledges the request.
Video Reference: londoncalling

3. Kris retrieves the stones in Kensal Green Cemetery.
Video Reference: Londonfiles_012

4. MrGone sends a warning to Kris, if ever he had the idea to keep the stone for himself.
Video Reference: Wings of Wax

5. Kris send a video to MrGone, indicating he left the stones to him to retrieve at the Winchester House in San Jose, CA.
Video Reference: Them Stones

6. Sandi (from FacilityJ) saw Kris blow up the facility in Cupertino.
Video reference: Division of Power

7. Jaynineteen (from FacilityJ) received an interoffice memo regarding security that had the surveillance video showing Kris blowing up the facility.
Reference: Jay commented Kris on his bebo site.

8. Mary (from Worldfiles) is in San Diego, Jaynineteen sends a code telling her to contact Celine Friar(from Worldfiles) at SCRIPPS in La Jolla
Video Reference: New Direction

9. ZorinXL (from ZorinXL) is sent to San Diego after Mary.

10. Kris saves Mary and meets with ZorinXL for the first time and realizes they are identical.
Video Reference: SanFranciscoFiles_006

11. Mary and Kris are in Yosemite. Kris shoot ZorinXL for the second time.
Video Reference: SanFranciscoFiles_010

12. ZorinXL posts his version of the shooting at the same time.
Video Reference: THUNDER END HAUNT

13. ZorinXL shoots Celine in Caracas.

14. Sandi went into trance and got the password for Celine’s CD.
Video reference: As Above

15. Jay responded to Phipunks video about Celine, encouraging him to solve the password to open the CD in order to help Mary and Kris.
Video Reference: Necessary Evil

16. Kris and Mary are leaving the country, but they have to meet with Sean (from WoW) first.
Video Reference: kallisti


  1. Wow, that looks like a lot of work.

    Good stuff, immortal1!

  2. Yea, some amazing research work. Thanks immortal1!

  3. Now it all makes sense!

  4. Thanks everyone! Be sure to check the forum link for updates- seems I missed a couple of items.


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