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Monday, October 22, 2007

RedEarth Takes the # 2 position on YouTube!

NEWSFLASH: As of the lastest update on YouTube the RedEarth video has now extended its substantial lead over the last LG15 video:

RedEarth - 55,882 views;
LaRezisto - 27,402 views.

With " Operation Red Sunday" in full swing the RedEarth video "Opportunity Crisis!" has advanced into the number 2 postion on YouTube's most discussed videos ((Today) - People & Blog). The video now had 9 honors and you can see its relative postion by clicking on the "horors" link under the video. The honors also include #17 - Most Viewed (Today) - People & Blogs.

Honors for This Video:
#18 - Most Viewed (Today)
#2 - Most Viewed (Today) - People & Blogs
#31 - Most Viewed (This Week) - People & Blogs
#27 - Top Rated (Today) - People & Blogs
#100 - Top Rated (This Week) - People & Blogs
#1 - Most Discussed (Today)
#1 - Most Discussed (Today) - People & Blogs
#25 - Most Discussed (This Week)
#7 - Most Discussed (This Week) - People & Blogs
#35 - Most Discussed (This Month) - People & Blogs
#85 - Top Favorites (Today)
#10 - Top Favorites (Today) - People & Blogs
#50 - Most Responded (Today)

" The universe is wider than our views of it. "


  1. Why aren't people doing this for other series? More G&J favoritism I guess.

  2. You wouldnt go on a voting spree for coke if you preferred pepsi. Doesnt mean you dont like both... its just a preference. :)

  3. Agreed. It is a credit to J and G's work that their fans are willing to do this. It doesn't mean anything else.

  4. If this works we can apply the same concept to other ARIS. Just think of "Operation Red Sunday" as a prototype. But if we act as a community there is so much more we can achieve.

  5. Agreed, MM. This is an example of what a group can accomplish when they are asked to help.

    Note: Subscibers to the account have just hit 872

  6. I know this is well intended, but I think it would be more meaningful and have a more lasting impact to refer friends to the series and build the fanbase, rather than for a handful of fans to post many many comments in a short period of time to generate honors on YouTube.

  7. Its actually pretty easy to do both, qthec. Which is what we are doing.

  8. Yeah, by putting the show in the public spotlight, they've increased the number of subscribers by increasing exposure. If it were truly a crappy video, nobody would've subscribed.

  9. I was the person who left the first comment, and I see some of your points. However, I still think pretty much all the LG15 and RE/MA related stuff should be discussed on Youtube if you have anything to discuss. Of course, MA/RE and LG15 will always be the most discussed but shouldn't people discuss everything they're in to? I dunno. However, I wonder if the more ARG-leaning series will ever get mainstream success. It's certainly harder to follow.

  10. Step by step. This has been a huge success so far....and its somethign we can learn from. Every ARIS faces the same problem and if we can achieve this with one we can achieve it with others. Its the power of the community that makes the difference.

  11. I'll agree that LG15 should be discussed on YT as well. I have made video responses to that series, and have commented there on occasion.

    If The Creators of LG15 had asked the community to up the post count of one of their videos, I'm certain they would receive a similar response.

    Subscriber count now 883. Still rising.

  12. Yea a lot of us have been at the forefront of fighting LG15 spam on YouTube for a long time now....so LG15 has certainly had its share of love. But I think its fair to share the love with other ARIS that we enjoy.

  13. It is now #1 most discussed because communitychannel became 48 hours old and fell off the list.

    This video will be 48 hours old at about 10ET, so we will lose the today honors soon. We will enjoy it while it lasts. It is bringing tons of views to the redearth video. And, the vid made weekly and monthly totals, so it is going to be on lists for a while.

  14. Man, commenters on Youtube are retarded (not you guys).

    - TOSG


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