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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sabotage - Charlie (KateModern)

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Steve tried to make a dash with the laptop but we believe he was protecting his own pride more than the secrets of the Order. Three days in a stolen van in the woods can do funny things to a man.


  1. Blair With project LOL

  2. "witch" not with..d'oh!

  3. Charlie is right, Tariq must give Steve a break! He's confused about the HoO, where he believed in so much. So Tariq must leave Steve alone.

  4. Why are they hiding?

  5. FINALLY Kate Modern is taking off and getting good. I was just starting to lose interest in the plot but they have me hooked now :) Of course Charlie always brought me back for more regardless of how good the story was anyway :) I'm really looking forward to see where the creators are going to take this and how it will be connected to LG15. Do you guys think think Gav, Tariq, Kate, Charlie, and creepy Steve will ever make contact with the LG15 crew? Maybe not face to face but perhaps by phone? I think it's entirely possible since they have confirmed the fact that they have watched their videos about Bree.


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