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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sonia steals the moonchild?

According to LGPedia:
Sonia was one of the party guests from the party that Jonas, Daniel, and Alex went to at Rebecca's house. Sonia is Carl's girlfriend and a friend of Alex. She is apparently drunk while talking to Daniel. Daniel interrupts a conversation between her and Carl, which Carl gets very angry about, though Sonia insists it is fine. Sonia and Carl later appear with Bree in Sing With Me as apparently brainwashed members of the Hymn of One, and they appear at the HoO seminar.
Sonia later appears in Nothing More, Nothing Less and A Family Affair, appearing in tune with her song and devoted to the Hymn of One. Her appearance in Spreading the Song, however, reveals not she is not content with the answers she receives from the Hymn of One, and wonders if there is any truth to what "those kids" have been saying about her religion.
In We All Make Mistakes, Sonia tells us she was in the HoO, but has since learned of the LG15 videos and realized how evil it is. She also says that she has information on the HoO that will help TAAG and that she plans to use the information to help fight the Order
In They'll Do Anything, Sonia steals the moonchild.

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