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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Storytelling - LaRezisto (LG15)

Emma's feeling quiet right now, but only because her spirit's getting
stronger. - Claire

Storytelling - LaRezisto (LG15) on LGPedia

The outfit Emma is wearing is the same as that which Bree was wearing in the videos preparing her for the ceremony; white t-shirt and jeans. She also holds onto her shoulder, as if there was something there, like the bandage Bree had on.

Throughout Emma's story, she is clearly taking cues from someone off-camera - presumably Claire. Emma actually spends more time looking above and away from the camera than she does looking into it. This might be a deliberate way of communicating that she is being monitored as she talks.

The Hopi believe that Tawa and Spider-woman were lovers. Once, when Tawa dreamed of creatures, Spider-woman made them from clay and wrapped them in a magic blanket that brought them to life. When they decided to make humans, the blanket did not bring them to life. So, Tawa and Spider-woman sang the "Song of Life," which brought them to life.

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  1. The Tawa story actually has already been used in this series once or twice, it seems like. If you do a bit more digging, you'll find out that the order's Ceremony and what is supposed to happen afterwards is almost identical to something that happened to a Hopi when he "died." he asked Tawa and Spider-Woman to bring him back to life, but on one condition. That he stayed in the mountains and learn the meaning of life. He was so selfish that he said yes, not realizing that he could never seen his wife and children again.

  2. She's looking up and to the right, this is where one subconsiously looks when attempting to remember something. It may be an over acted version of that?

    Just trying to throw more thoughts in the pot.

  3. Ok, that's too obvious not to be a code of some sort.

    While there may be something in the story as well, I think it's what Emma is saying and doing that's important.

    When she mentions the painting and gestures like Spider-Woman does in the painting, she has to be telling Jonas and the others to come for her (Jonas = the sun (son)?). More than that, she seemed a bit disappointed when she said that the sun (son -- again maybe Jonas?) couldn't go to the underworld (where she's being held?)...


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