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Friday, October 5, 2007

Tailgating - Daniel (LG15)

That Mercedes followed us down the entire coast...You're never gonna believe who it was. I'd rather you just watch it and see. - Daniel


  1. I hope they still pick a winner. If not, ppl are going to be mad.

  2. When Sarah was watching from the window and all we saw was a girl in a hat I thought it was Bree!


  3. i thought it was going to be taylor

  4. Yeah. I seriously thought it was Bree. It looked just like her. But then my hopes were dashed quickly.

  5. I thought it was Taylor also, which would have been weird.

    PS. Sarah looked cute putting the dishes away.

  6. yeah i also thought it was Taylor... and for a split second i thought it was nikki B... but nope


  7. I was hoping for Aunt Alex. Gemma would have been fun too. ;)

  8. I was too confused with Jackson and Yousef's acting in this video to even realize someone showed up.

    Were they DRUNK?!
    Because they definitely weren't sober...

  9. Yeah I thought at first it was Nikki B.

    But yay Sonia.


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