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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

They Beat Her!!! - lonelygirl15 (LG15)

I feel pretty bad, these people are ruthless. - Sarah


  1. Sonia's story just seems made up to me. I think it was used for two reasons. To make them trust her more. To create more tension between Sarah and the guys.

  2. There's definately something strange about her story, it just doesn't fit. Jonas was right: if you didn't say anything, why did they let you go? And her reaction on the Emma is giving a code, is way too interested. I think she must spy on the taag, so that the HoO can get Emma back when they (= the taag) find her.

  3. I agree with Bianca 100%.

  4. We all know what happens when women with an allegiance to the order/HoO go to take a shower...

  5. I found out who roughed up Sonia.


  6. Sarah's a disaster... here she goes again - off doing things her on her own initiative without telling the others, and oops, she will end up tipping off the Order so they move Emma before she can be rescued by Jonas/Daniel.

    Then Jonas will yell at Sarah, and Sarah will yell back and then say she is sorry she was trying to help and they guys didn't include her in their plans so why should she? ... and Daniel will look kind of pinched in the face. And for a moment, they will think Emma is dead.

    Then Jonas will go berserk and get in trouble, Daniel will be incapacitated or heading in the wrong direction, Sarah will save the day dressed as batgirl with some surprise help from Claire, and Joe will be happy.


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