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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

They Belong With Us - hymnofone (LG15)

I saw your video and needed to respond. You kids should look at this from the proper perspective. - Chris

Who is Chris?

Chris is a member of the Hymn of One. He was a speaker at the HoO seminar in It's A Cult. The seminar was conducted on May 31, 2007. Chris, and another HoO member, Barb, love the Hymn of One.

Chris on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP!


  1. If the HOO is so great why does the HOO web site still suck?


  2. There are currently 6 accounts in use, and at least 3 former accounts (thinking off of the top of my head).

    I'm not trying to complain for myself, b/c I can keep it with it easily. I am thinking of new fans (new fans that lg15 doesn't seem to attract anymore, at least not a lot of them) who have to jump into the storyline and keep up with multiple accounts to know what is going on. Some new fans are going to want to stay on youtube, and not come to the website to follow the series. Having all of these accounts does not help a new fan, esp when everything is consolidated on the website anyway.

    Why not use one account - lonelygirl15 (I know ppl are sentimental, but you can't waste 100K subs). If you wanted two accounts for a bad guy (hymnofone), that would be ok too. But the constant jumping between multiple accounts is getting silly. Some new fans are only subscribed to some accounts, because they have no idea about the other ones. Then, a new vid will get posted on the account they are subscribed to, and the storyline would have jumped 100 times ahead. And, they then tune out because they feel they can't follow the story.

    Just a thought.

  3. virginian- ALL of the canon accts need a list of all other canon accts. it would have made helped me when i started out. i wouldn't have gotten lost down a couple cassie rabbit holes, and i would have seen the nikki b vids in chrono. with the rest of the vids.
    things did get about a hundred times easier when i found the lgpedia. i used the list of vids to make sure i was watching in order, and used the links from the individual vid pages to the other lgpedia pages to keep up with what was going on, like the puzzles and stuff.

  4. ummm....seeing that he said that the hymn will bring the girls back...

    does this mean Bree is coming back. Because that would be super coolioso and they should definitely recruit me to write it becasue I have a KICK ASS VIDEO with action and violence and love and romance and sad and...it's a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movie, in 5 minutes! I FREAKING SWEAR!

  5. Hello,

    my name is Chris and I am a terrible actor.

    Thank you for your time.


  6. The HoO need to get better actors, I mean followers.

  7. I thought he was gonna say we'll lead Emma home like we lead Bree home...


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