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Friday, October 19, 2007

The way us fans can help

by Virginian9000
on Fri Oct 19, 2007 2:44 pm

It is Glenn and Jeromy's responsibility to increase the fanbase and the view counts of their product. However, no one says the fans can't help.

Glenn made a true statement on breefm Wednesday, everyone who sees this series seems to like it, and i feel like this series just needs to get in front of more fans. There are two ways fans can help, and I am sure some will think of more:

1. The e-mail address to ask youtube to feature a video is [email protected] Ask youtube to feature the videos. While the first video you ask youtube to feature may not get featured, the youtube editors have said that repeated requests from multiple users for a video or one of a series of videos to be featured does play a role in who they decide to be featured. So, send those requests in.

2. Another way to get more people to watch the videos is youtube comments. Usually when a redearth88 vid is first posted, discussion starts on the youtube video site, the blog, the lg15 forum, the maddison atkins forum, and the IRC channel #maddison. If you throw in anchor cove, and the fact that maddison chatter spills over into the #breefm, #outofgame, and #hammy channels as well, you can easily have a nine way bifurcated conversation going. While this is usually fantastic to have these comments in so many places, it does place the videos at a disadvantage when it comes to getting the video on the most discussed videos list.

The last video by Rachel was only about 4 comments away from breaking into the "most discussed youtube videos for today". I started replying to people's comments, and it broke through. . .for about a couple of minutes, until one of the other most discussed videos picked up some comments, and the honor went away.

The next time a video is posted, post all comments on the youtube video. Have a theory? Throw it on there. Reply to other's comments and theories. If the conversation is kept mostly there, the video will easily hit the most discussed list for that day, and possibly the low end honors for the weekly totals. Most of the time, the top vids in the most discussed area have like thousands of comments. We are not going to get there, but we could end up on the third page of the most discussed list if we try. Glenn does usually post vids in the "people & blogs" section, which is the most popular section. It makes it harder to make the category list of most discussed, but it is also the most viewed section of youtube. Getting on the most discussed list in the people and blogs category is big.

I don't mean meaningless comments, either. That would defeat the purpose. Start a conversation by replying to others' comments. Act like you are chatting, just do it on the comment board (no rickrolls please, lol).

You know those ppl that can make a point with only a paragraph? Well, that's not me at all. So, sorry for the long post. I think we as fans can easily help J and G increase the view count and fan base. Also, more views and more comments can only help if and when J and G are showing this to potential advertisers or whatnot.

glenn said...
If everyone is able to do either (or both) of those suggestions, it would be a huge help toward getting the series in front of a larger audience!

Thank you for your continued support! It really means the world to both Jeromy and I!


  1. If everyone is able to do either (or both) of those suggestions, it would be a huge help toward getting the series in front of a larger audience!

    Thank you for your continued support! It really means the world to both Jeromy and I!

  2. Well, I already advertise maddison in forum signatures, so...=/.

  3. im hurt *crys emo tearz* actually my channel doesnt really discuss maddison, hehe so im good ;) .......and yes we will all try and pimp out maddison as much as we can heheheh <3

  4. When OpAphid went canon, hundreds? thousands? of new viewers were brought to the ARG and NOTHING happened for months. It was ridiculous.

    Now you're asking for new viewers while there is NOTHING happening with Madison. Have we not learned from our past mistake?

    You have lost a lot of past and new potential viewers who won't get involved simply because of the crazy long breaks with no activity.

  5. opaphid went cannon in early November 2006, and November and December had lots happen up 'til the huge puzzle around Gemma being taken out in early January.

    Then it looked like opaphid/tachyon were gonna be more intertwined with lonelygirl because Glen was writing for them so much.

    Its admirable that Jeremy and Glen have kept this going full time (especially given the raw deal Glen got before).

    And besides even with the breaks the quality hasn't gone down. Better that than what happened to lonelygirl with its constant suck-age.

    Plus Redearth88 isnt an ARG. At least the Rachel videos aren't.

    Pretty sure Maddison still is though and that means we aren't gonna be told when things are gonna happen!

  6. To the above poster, if you were an active member at the LG15 site when some were joining and catching up with OpAphid once it went canon, then you'd know there was a very long break, and that many of the new players were upset that they spent the time to catch up and nothing was happening. They lost interest pretty quick in the ARG, and others didn't bother getting involved because of what they saw happening with others.

    We still all have no idea what went down with Glenn, and we'll never know. Time heals all wounds.

    No matter, the point of the original post was to discuss viewership, and it makes absolutely no sense to ask us to advertise for a product that at the moment doesn't exist except in archives.

    As for LG15, it started sucking as soon as The Order was brought into it last year.


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