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Monday, October 8, 2007

We All Make Mistakes - LonelyGirl15

Daniel gave me the password to this account so I could look around at the videos, check out your messages, and see that the people I trusted are really dangerous. I have a lot to say about the Hymn of One, but I'll start with this video. - Sonia

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  1. I understand to get maximum viewers they need to upload to the Lonelygirl15 account. Yet it really tests believability for so many people to get access. Why on earth would Sonia need the account password? This could have been posted by Jonas or Daniel just as easily and have made much more sense.

    I hope though that this is leading to something happening of interest.

  2. The logic of which videos now get posted to Bree's account escapes me. Care to explain it Creators? It sure would help.

  3. looks like it is time to update your plot hole list

  4. How stupid can they be to give the lg password to an ADMITTED member of the Hymn of One??? This is SO frustrating!!!! At this rate, no trait + girl is EVER going to survive unless the guys screw their heads back on and use them. >:-(

  5. "At this rate, no trait + girl is EVER going to survive unless the guys screw their heads back on and use them. >:-("

    I fail to see how screwing the trait postive girls' heads back on and using them will help the girls survive.

  6. will this video made sense to post to Bree's account because it was mostly a video blog by Sonia, who doesn't have a youtube account. I don't know. But yeah, giving out the password is kinda dumb.. first of all, you don't need a password to watch videos, and she could have just had daniel post the video that she made on Bree's account for her... so she would know the password. "We can't trust you. But here's the password to the account that has all of Bree's videos... with the proof that the Order is an evil organization." sweet.

    Anyway, back to the plot...

    This is interesting. I think I believe Sonia, because everything she is saying sounds true. And she didn't know that Jonas was filming her and Carl when they were delievring the baby to another family and they got into that argument. We need to trust her long enough to hear what she has to say.

  7. You know those emails from some guy in Nigeria who has millions of dollars in some foreign account that he can't get to but you can. And he'll be willing to split it with you. But in order to trust you he needs $10,000 and he'll give you his account number. I've always wondered who actually falls for that. Now I know, Jonas and Daniel.

    I'd really like to see a filler video where one of them gets that email and decides to do it. Right before they hit the enter key, Sarah walks in finds out what they're doing and slaps them both across the back of the head.

  8. I understand that it was stupid to give her the password but if they do find out she is crazy they can easily change it. Besides they really do not anything worth hiding since all of the posts are public and Sonia easily found them.

    But I would like to kno where she got those nice editing skills and if Daniel did edit it then why not just post it for her.


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