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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WHAT TIME IS IT? - Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST.

If you have questions send them to [email protected]

Huge thank you to everyone who participated in "Operation Red Sunday" It was a follow up to something Virginian9000 posted on LG15.com in response to last weeks show. The idea was to move the IRC discussion to YouTube and raise the profile of the show. When the new Rachel video went up the troops rallied and made it happen. The effect was phenominal. The video has 60,000 views which is insane. It was the most viewed in people and blog for a while and the most discussed. It got twice as many views as the last two LG15 videos which is pretty impressive. It has been more effective than many other forms of promotion so Glenn and Jeromy thank everyone who participated.

The discussion already existed. It took the "meep" factor and put it to good use. It plays within the rules of YouTubes system but it is very effective. It raised the profile for the RedEarth88 series. There are probably 100-200 people who are really passionate about the series in IRC but when you take that and apply it to YouTube it can make a huge difference.

The "RED ARMY" pulled off the "OCTOBER REVOLUTION"! This put RedEarth88 on the radar. The fact the show now has "haters" is awesome because it means it has attracted many many new people. There were about 20 messages to Rachel from people who were talking to Rachel as if she was real.
The "fake vlogger thing": its not so much a do over of the lonelygirl15 idea but in the coming weeks the videos from Rachel and her co-star with take a couple of different genres and re-interpret them. The same is true of the Clara story.

RedEarth88: we get an interesting dynamic because there are so many different characters. For a while on Lonelygirl15 Glenn was not able to do the type of action stories he wanted or even the type of Talking Heads videos that he can now do with RedEarth.

The big surprise: who is the co-star on RedEarth? Who is Aly Zarin. Be prepared for a surprise. She was "very popular on LG15". Enjoy.
OpAphid: had been known as RedEarth in Glenn's original screen play. Name "inspired by" Operation Ivy, the band. Its been an interesting year.
"OutOfGame vs in game": With RedEarth88 there are both narrative elements and more ARG like elements. We define the rules by how viewers react. It makes sense to link all the channels to the RedEarth88 channel. New viewers might not understand that all the characters are part of a series with multiple profiles on YouTube. How would the audience react? On Lonelygirl15 it tended to go back and forth. The Lonelygirl15 account has 5x the subscribers of Daniel or Jonas. If you want people to see a video then you want it on the account with the most subscribers. The problem when all the videos go up on one account is that they tend to canabalize each others views. There needs to be a balance. The "friday Bree video" would always be the ones that got the most views so it was always great to get to write those. The "thumbnail factor" is important but so is the account.

YouTube is not "in game" in the sense that when each log in is the character logging in. The RedEarth88 account has the playlist and if you subscribe to the playlist it will get you every video as its added to the playlist. Should there be links on each YouTube channel? The tag at the end is one component that links everything together. Eventually there will be a web site but the forum on LG15 is a great place for discussions so that it all works together.

LGPeida: we all have the knowledge so Zoey has asked that we all contribute what we know to LGpedia. RedEarth88 will need to be "retro-fit" on LGPedia. Look at it how it this way:

Maddison Atkins - videos up to "No more"
Tachyon vs OpAphid - videos up to "Human Ransom"
15over15 - prologue for RedEarth88
RedEarth88 - up to the current videos

Compare to Marvel comics with "Civil War". You have people with their own stories but they are all part of something bigger. Think of it as a Robert Altman movie. We have interconnected characters. Rachel is tied in with East Texas where Maddison and Clara are from. You can follow them separately or as a whole.

If people want more ARG elements the LGPedia is very important, because we want people to be able to pick up what is going on without having to have played in the past.

What happened with Operation Red Sunday was a great way to break out of IRC. IRC is a great way to communicate but LGPedia is a great way to share the knowledge and attract more viewers. At the end of the day a larger audience leads to the series being more viable.

With 15over15 they were well into planning before they discovered "12 in 12". They try to plan their videos around what else is going on so they have to adjust as new things such as when the upcoming Lonelygirl15 extended videos are released. These series need to be complementary and respect each other so that will affect the release schedule for videos. You dont want to do anything that will spoil another series. Even with OpAphid, Op tended to post on weekends and Lonelygirl15 would post during the week.
Superpowers on LG15: The idea of superpowers had been talked about when Glenn was at LG15. He was however surprised to see it start up at such a late stage in the Lonelygirl15 series. The back story to the existing elements still left a lot of room to explore. It also got a bit close to the comic book "Runaways". It tells the story of 6 kids that get together when their parents are doing charity work. They observe their parents doing a human sacrifice. The kids run away and it turns out they have superpowers. Its a mix of teen angst and melodrama set against the idea that all parents are "evil".

Glenn does not really watch Lonelygirl15 any more because for him its a mixed bag of emotions. Hence, he was not able to comment on detail on their "fake-out use" of superpowers in Lonelygirl15.
New movie idea: Why Glenn needs to run Hollywood. It will be the biggest movie of 2008 or 2009. A sequel to Red Dawn. Imagine this..... the camera pans out.....Patrick Swayze is nursed back to health.......the war iss over........he was nursed back to health and taught the way of the American Indian. Flash forward. He is a wresling coach for example.

Now the meat of the movie. Currently the USA military is stretched beyond its resources. There are some pple with a grievance. What group goes back 200 years and has come into a lot of money in recent years which they have stockpiled?

Spoiler: The American Indians!!!!! They take the country back. An uprising. They take back the country the "pale face" stole from them. Patrick Swayze has seen this all go down before. This time he is torn because of the connection he feels to the Indians. He has to make a choice between his country and his "family".

It's politically charged. It could go either way. The Indians could take the country back and it would be fair. Don't blame Glenn for this if it happens in real life........this is a movie! This time Patrick Swayze takes a new group of rag tag kids to the mountains. They call themselves the Wolverines. We can get all the top teen actors (OC, High School Musical etc). Patrick might get killed towards the end. The best part? ... The movie will be titled "RED DUSK". Who is with Glenn? The American Indians have a legitimate grievance.

Direct to video, at least, this could work. We can get Patrick.

This story idea is Copyright 2007 by Glenn Rubenstein (all rights reserved).
Cowboy update: The deadline for auditions has passed. On monday a poll will be going up on BreeFM to vote for the first cast member. In subsequent weeks other cast roles will be voted on.

The untold saga of the Cowboy: Daniel was missing. The Cowboy appeared to be holding him captive. Who was he and what were his plans for Daniel? It will finally be told as an original radio drama on BreeFM This is a community project and will be cast from within the community.

The auditions are really impressive.
Final thought: the power of the community. "Operation Red Sunday" was an awesome display of force and its inspiring to look at the community work together. Think about the things this community can do. You can make a difference if you rally around something you believe in. LGPedia. Video creators. They can all use your support and we can interact on a much higher level. We have seen it demonstrated and we have seen what the power of the community can do. The IRC makes a great hub for making them happen. A larger audience ensures the series has more longevity.
Tune in and support the mothership Lonelygirl15 for the upcoming "event" over the next two days.
October Revolution on Wikipedia.
Red Army on Wikipedia


  1. great summary modelmotion of a great broadcast =)

  2. thank you mm, for your summaries of glenn's shows.

    they're greatly appreciated. :D

  3. Yes, great summary! Thank you!

  4. "You can follow them separately or as a hole."


    (Sorry to be nit-picky, but I'm old school. Please check your spelling manually!)

  5. I am wondering how many people would have wasted their time on an audition if they knew it was a popularity contest?

  6. So he complained about the Ceremony a few weeks back even though he doesn't even watch the show anymore? I do understand not watching it though, as much as he may be happy with what he's doing now I'm sure he still misses some stuff about LG15. This sorta gives me peace of mind after I heard that "Tachyon's moved on to bigger and better things" crap a few weeks back. I mean, LG15 has currently been alittle disappointing but it doesn't deserve to be kicked when it's down. Whoa, I sorta rambled there.

  7. airc - Spelling/grammar mistakes fixed (a best as I can at 8 AM) Im sure ModelMotion would have taken a glance over it when he got a chance, everything happens so fats it's ahrd to get it all down properly

    Anonymous - A popularity contest? If you mean "The person who everyone thinks is most fit for the role" then yeah, I guess yoru right. It's going o be hosted on a public poll, meaning anyone and everyone can vote (and anonymously, which you seem to be fond of)

  8. greggallows--sorry, no sympathy from me--I start writing at 5:30 am! (Just kidding. I know what it's like to maintain a high standard of grammar and spelling in the early hours of the day! I really do start writing before the sun is up. Ugh!)

  9. frum nows on, whene I does a blogg poste, I iz goings to writes just likes thiz, just fors AIRC.


  10. mm rocks for doing these summaries on the fly, especially at the rapid fire pace glenn delivers his thoughts.

    i was anonymous above would at least start using some name for his posts, i can tell when its them though.

  11. whoops, i meant "i wish" anonymous above would post with a name.

  12. I think what he misses about LG15 is the exposure it gets. He did some AMAZING stuff for LG15 and I'm sure most of us will agree that due to his involvevment, LG15 was at its absolute best when he was there.

    And I'm sure it felt great at that time to know that your work was making a huge impact on the series AND was getting seen by A LOT of viewers.

    All the more reason to support the work he and Jeromy are now doing for redearth88. They are both so talented! And their show is incredibly fun, well written and exciting to watch! (which is more than I can say for LG15 these days...)

  13. Um, I was the second anonymous who posted and I'd just like to clarify, I'm not any other of those anonymouses. Also, I've only posted a few times ever so I'd like to know how you know it's "them", milowent? I don't know if you're talking about me or another anonymous, so I'd like clarification.

  14. thanks for clarifying, anonymous. sorry to be all insinuating and such, it wasn't necessary. i'm actually surprised glenn remains quite respectful to the creators when he discusses them on his radio show. last night he made a point of saying how people should support lg15 special events.

  15. Alright, here's my feelings on what I mentioned before, it's a bit of an essay/rant:

    Well, you see Milowent, I don't really have a problem with Glenn, I have a problem with this situation. Many of the fans of LG15 have become immensely fed up with the show and have left it and devoted all their attention to RE. While that's sad, it's somewhat understandable. However, now that they've gone from being "Lonelyfans" to being a part of the "Red Army", they feel the need to constantly reiterate that Glenn was the reason LG15 was good in the first place. This is simply untrue. He was a part of why the "Golden Age" was so well-liked, but not the only reason. Now, to make it even more clear that RE is sorta overtaking LG15 we have an actress from LG15 joining the RE cast. I've sorta ranted, but I just feel that we hear nothing but bad about LG15 while G&J can do no wrong and that's not fair to anyone. Glenn deserves success, certainly, but "The Creators" don't deserve the nitpicky criticizism they recieve on a daily basis. Their show is in a bad "place" at the moment, but they can't be the sole blame for everything that's happened. Honestly, my main point is this. If you think LG15 is dying, don't kick it while it's down. I can't allow people to do it, because I have fond memories of watching it and lurking on forums and such. Sorry to anyone who actually read this as it sorta goes all over the place but I had to get it off my chest. I'll seeya.

  16. One more thing I have to be positive is understood is that I'm not trying to take anything away from Glenn. The guy's amazing, quite frankly, and he deserves respect. I just don't like the bashing that goes on of Lonelygirl15 because I'm a fan and I don't want to see people kick it while it's down

  17. Anonymous, if Glenn was producing the crap that lg15 is producing right now, people would be all over him too.

    I have never stated Glenn was the sole reason things were good, yada yada yada. I hardly ever discuss that type of thing. Who was responsible for the past, etc.

    All I see is the present. And, the criticism of the Creators is coming for all sides. Has nothing to do with the "Red Army". Just look at the view counts. The lower view counts speak untold volumns. The people no longer watching lg15 are piling huge criticism on the Creators without ever saying a word.

    I still watch every lg15 video. Do you know why? Because of redearth88. I still interact in the lg15 world because of the blog, the forums, and everything because they all center aroung lg15. Without redearth88, I would not be criticising the Creators, I would be gone.

    Which do you think the Creators would rather have, someone criticising their work, or someone who doesn't watch another episode?

    The Creators will get "kicked while they are down" from all sides until they produce better quality work. It is just how it is. And, people will always compare the new lg15 vids to the past ones.

    But don't blame all of the criticism of the Creators on redearth88 fans. That's sorely missplaced.

  18. You know what? You're right. After looking over my previous comment I realized that it may have seemed as though I was saying people shouldn't complain at all, or that everyone who complains is a redearth fan. Neither of which is true.

    What I meant to say was that I was a little tired complaining about everything. For instance, people complained about how there was "too much filler" in the past. Now there are so few videos that just develop the characters that I can only guess that the "Creators" were trying to listen to the fans. Or how people want answers about every little thing so the Creators end up half-assing an explanation. That's the problem I have. The reason why LG15 used to be great and why RE88/MA currently is is that the story builds slowly. Sure there are videos that are somewhat "pointless" but they end up providing us with character development. But, no one has to respond to this, I sorta stirred up trouble here over something and for that I'm sorry. I should've thought out my comments better. See ya'll.

  19. You didn't stir up anything.

    I know it may be painful to read, but the people complaining are still watching the videos. They are some of the biggest fans.

    The ones you have to worry about are the ones who have stopped watching the videos.

    The Creators have thick skin, and I still think they would rather have complaints than no views.

    The people complaining are the ones trying to give free advice to the Creators to make it better. That is human nature. Those ppl want the series to succedd, even if their complaints don't seem like it.

    The real problem for the Creators in this bad spell are the ones who didn't say one word, didn't issue a single complaint, and walked right out the door.

  20. Yeah, again, I admit I was wrong to a degree. I agree that it's better when people still support a show and want it to get better rather than just stop watching. I just hope this bad spell is just that, and not a steady decline into a oblivion. See ya, and I apologize for all the long comments.

  21. anonymous-

    to the extent people celebrate glenn as part of the golden age, WE know he really only came in at the tail end (at least to 1st generation fans). but many original fans of lg15 had left when bree left the bedroom and then opaphid and cassie dominated the forums. many of that 2nd generation of fans are still around, and glenn was part of that.

    the creators are being held to a higher standard, very true. they set the bar themselves. who can blame us? they have been limobing under it since season 2 began. i hate to admit it, but its true.


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