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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where is Becki Kregoski?

Becki Kregoski is the actress that plays the role of Taylor. She was born in Barrington, Illinois. She has been a stand-in for shows such as "Grey's Anatomy", "Medium", and "Unfabulous". She was also the lead stand-in for the Hallmark Channel show "You've Got A Friend", and the upcoming show "Point of Entry".

As an actress, she played Lydia in the television show "Help Me Help You", and High School Girl #1 in the show "Unfabulous".
She can also be seen in the Paula DeAnda music video Walk Away as one of DeAnda's friends.
Becki has two festival films that are competing in Independent Film Festivals in the next year.

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Where Is Becki?

In response to many fans' inquiries regarding Becki's status on lonelygirl15, she sent this e-mail to fan Killthesmiley.

Becki Kregoski:

"I'm doing a lot of filming for other projects right now, and in the middle of moving out of LA. As for LG15, I can't confirm or deny ANYTHING. Besides, it's more fun to keep the mystery about what's happening, isn't it? :) We'll just have to watch and see, that's all I have to say about it (and all I can say). Hope you're having a good weekend!"

While it does not officially confirm or deny anything, it does seem to imply that, because she is moving out of LA, where lonelygirl15 is filmed, Becki will not be appearing many future lonelygirl15 videos.


    1. Even though it isn't an answer, at least we got some kind of answer.

    2. Well, she is listed as a former character.

    3. Maybe she went to live with Spencer.

    4. Seems to me she isn't doing LG15 for a while, because she's busy with other projects. Maybe she'll come back later, don't think she's out of lg15 forever.

    5. Many of us who work in LA don't live there.

    6. That's a great answer! Why do we need to know if Taylor or Spencer are gone for good? It's much more fun to keep things open... Plus, it leaves things open for surprises! Like any ongoing series, people will come and go. I'm guessing that we haven't seen the last of Taylor...

    7. It's great to leave things open, but if a caracters is gone for good, i would like soem actual closure... even lame excuses as "i'm going to college" wtv... just something.
      Now where is my Spencer?

    8. I so think we need some in story development. It just seems like they left Taylor hanging. Please tell me this is not going to be like seaon 1.

    9. "Why do we need to know if Taylor or Spencer are gone for good?"

      because it drives people crazy that every major character who has been "killed" probably wasn't: bree's dad, bree, jonas' parents, etc. so people want to know what's going on.

      where's gemma? oh yeah, she's "dead" too.

    10. I wish they'd bring gemma back

    11. As for Becki, I read some MySpace comments and she's NOT leaving California; she's just moving outside of LA because it's too expensive to live there anymore. She's still going to be in that area.

    12. ahh, "out of LA" that's deceptive. meanwhile, she's probably gonna be in Chino a few miles away.


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