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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who Will Play Aly Zarin?

Who is Aly Zarin and who will play the character in RedEarth88?

Aly Zarin is a professional photographer whose bag Rachel grabbed by mistake at the luggage claim after her flight to Southern California from Nacogdoches, where she was staying with her grandfather. Apparantly Aly is a very busy person, as Rachel has been playing phone tag with her in an attempt to get her luggage back. Based on her name, Rachel says that she "sounds like a Russian heiress or something".

Now who will play the role of Aly (if we assume, as most seem to think, she will have a on screen presence). Well we don't know, but on his radio show last week Glenn mentioned that we should expect to see a "familIar face" appear on RedEarth88. Since then, speculation has been running rampant. Now since Aly is a female name and Rachel referred to "she" we can narrow the field a little. So who are the front contenders?

Clockwise from top left: Jessica Lee Rose, Becki Kregoski, Faye Austin, Jackie Jandrell

1. Jessica Lee Rose is the actress that plays the character of Bree in the Lonelygirl15 video series.
2. Becki Kregoski is the actress that plays the role of Taylor.
3. Faye Austin is the actress who plays Maddison Atkins in the Maddison Atkins ARG
4. Jackie Jandrell is a friend of Jessica Lee Rose who played Gemma in the lonelygirl15 series.

Aly Zarin on LGPedia

Jessica Lee Rose on LGPedia

Jackie Jandrel on LGPeida

Becki Kregoski on LGPedia

Faye Austin on LGPedia

LGPedia: Maddison Avenue needs your HELP!

Do you have a suggestion for who should play Aly Zarin? If so leave a comment below, or just let us know who is your fav from the list above!


  1. Maddy could have faked her death and taken up an alias.
    Same for Gemma. Gemma moreso since we never saw her death or anyone effected by it.

  2. Aly...maybe it will be Nikki B.

  3. lol, modelmotion. Building buzz, aren't you?

  4. Wouldnt it be fab if it were the Lucy? what do you mean "hell freezing over?" "pigs flying?"what did I miss?

  5. I dont think it will be faye because according to theory rachel knew maddison! but jackie would be awesome because of the op/tachy crossover! Nikki B would be great as well!

  6. surrealisticpill. duh. lol

  7. I don't think it will be Faye.

    Rachel said she was supposed to have a roommate but something happened and she didn't show, and that her dad paid the summer's rent. I think that sounds a lot like Maddison and Gregory Atkins.

    I don't have any ideas who it is, but I'm pretty sure its not Faye.

  8. Aly Zarin ... Alli Zarin ...

    Alli eDg zarin ...

    Alli Danziger (Nikki Bower).

    Aly Z. Alli D.

    I dunno, but the names have some similarities. That would be fun.

  9. It's a little surprising that no one even mentioned Bitsie Tulloch (Aunt Alex) or Voyboy.


  10. It could be Martha.

  11. qthec, I was thinking it could be Bitsie Tulloch as well.


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