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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wild Wednesday continues with GlennFM

  • GlennFM on the BreeFM radio station: Website or Direct Stream

  • Joint host DJ Glenn Rubenstein with some kizz ass music and enjoy his insight into some of your favorite Vlogs.

    Tune into BreeFM or chat on IRC

    Notes from the show:

    Glenn ponders the last year and his experience with the community

    REDEARTH: The earth moves forward. Are we entering a new realm? Redearth will focus on a narrative. The overlappiing series will be broader with ARG elements. A familiar face (to some) will be a co-star when the show returns on Friday 10/12.

    Glenn On Setting Expectations - Click to Listen

    emoGlenn? Glenn talked about the emotion in the Dashboard confessional song.

    10/12/06 sucked. Nothing happened that night. Lonelygirl15 did not end that night. Bree did not die. The ceremony did not happen. Cassieiswatching helped hype the darkness surrounding the series. Fake ceremony.....your kidding me. All the creepyness lead us to expect something dramatic. Daniels video hinted at something dark.....could this be the tip of the iceberg? If Daniel had seen something spooky would he really have stopped following Bree? Flawed plan much?

    Lets meet int the woods? If you are doing that you are doing something bad. And lets not forget the photos. On the other hand there is no security in the hospital. This group is disorganised and flawed. No need for Tachyon to look into this further because it will collapse on its own.
    Glenn's original story that he talked about last week had a dark element within a religion.
    Expectation management: pple run with the ball so much that anything you do would be a let down. Friday 10/12/07 keep in mind its picking back up and you dont open with the show stopper. There will not be so much down time. So enjoy!
    Glenn does not rap any more....but he could be talked into it:)
    If you are angry Glenn dont yell at him! He likes to make pple happy:)

    Bree's Gone: Jonas was the vessel thru which Glenn "spoke". Jonas notices Bree is gone and is freaked out (the day after Xmas). You would think that you would be pissed when a girl you invited to stay with you ripped you off.

    The original working title was "Bitch Stole My Money".

    Outline notes: Jonas upset at having his money stolen. The tone shifts to concern as Daniel is concerned Bree has been taken.

    Glenn Reads his Author's Notes on "Bree's Gone" - Click to Listen

    Glenn felt there was a chance to explore some things. You set up expectations in a friendship without the other person asking and then they disappoint you. Glenn is a huge Loveline fan. When it comes to writing characters or dialogue listen to Loveline because every call is "reality". You get a slice of pples lives.

    Jonas made it all about him. He is very attractive but horribly insecure. He is looking to connect to pple and projects his expectations on pple, and of course is let down. He wants to innitate and "extreme connection" like the one he missed out on with his parents.

    Milowent asked if anyone thought about the fact that Bree could not drive at the time when she drove off with Jonas car. Glenn said it did not even cross his mind.
    ARG: Tachyon et al talk to each other in codes based in pop culture. Pop culture is its own "secret language". The modern spy could talk in codes that noone else would get. It allows Glenn to share his "taste". This type of puzzle is not for everyone and Glenn referenced how they different from Deagol's desire for puzzles that are extremenly "mind boggling". When you are PM of a game the gloves come off and you receive a lot of criticism. Sometimes it seems like the fans will revolt at any minute because they are investing a lot of their lives in the story.
    RADIO DRAMA: The untold saga of the Cowboy: how to audition. Its all going to make sense.

    What was missing from the LG story? What was the Cowboys plan and what it does it feel like to be the Cowboy? Does a white van really fit in?

    To participate:
    1. Post an audition video. In our community we post videos....you can just have a black screen, a head shot, a drawing etc. - the voice is the most important thing

    2. Need:
    1 female lead,
    1 male for the Cowboy and
    one person who is working with the Cowboy

    3 Any additional roles will be filled from the same auditions.

    4 Pick a monologue to read from for the audition. Find something the means something to you. eg:

    For one of the roles they need someone who is like an authority figure. - read something like that.

    For the Cowboy - something more earnest.

    For female - something working class.

    TRIVIA: Glenn said his voice was in the video and you can also see Brothers car.
    Glenn talked about "Quantum Leap" He was sad when it ended. For LG15 would you rather have seen the Ceremony or text saying that Bree died?

  • Be in the Maddison Atkins Trailer Just DOOO IT before FRIDAY!!!

  • ---
    glenn said...
    MicFranXon is working to get the audio of the rant up.

    It wasn't nearly as angry as it sounds condensed. But I hadn't thought about the fake ceremony in a LONG time and that all just kind of...flowed. LOL.


    1. glenn's monologue on this was one of the funniest lg15 commentaries i have ever read or heard.

    2. MicFranXon is working to get the audio of the rant up.

      It wasn't nearly as angry as it sounds condensed. But I hadn't thought about the fake ceremony in a LONG time and that all just kind of...flowed. LOL.

    3. I added video clips for a couple of audio excerpts from Glenn's show for those that did not hear it live on BreeFM.

    4. Thanks qthec for the audio clips! When this aired, it was to late here to listen to it, so I'm happy with the audio clips and also with this summary.


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