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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Woman's Touch - Lonelygirl15 (LG15)

Uploaded by lonelygirl15 on October 17th, 2007 22:10
Will boys ever learn to think with their brains, not
their... By the way I put the video on this account to make sure you
all see what a creep this guy is. - Sarah


  1. poor mallory. sarah, bad move. i 'm glad you got the info... but that's very selfish of you. you should of been upfront with her at first. you've got to grow up, girl... and the drama ensues.

  2. Haha. ;P

    That was wrong on so many levels, Sarah.


    And Mallory? Things will NEVER "go back to normal." DANIEL WAS NEVER NORMAL TO BEGIN WITH! :D Haha. Seriously. Go back and watch the beginning videos. He's much better like he is now. TRUST ME!


  3. i liked this video. it was something completely new and different and definitely interesting! but poor mallory.. i didn't even see that coming, maybe i'm as naive as she is.

  4. I liked this video! Very creative.

    Also... OMG, is there an Emmamony (Emma cerenomny) this Friday?

    C'mon, Scooby crew, solve that clue!

  5. Woah, I hated him in the other video but the drunk trying to be cute version is actually....cute. lol


  6. I hate it when they make Sarah stupid.


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