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Friday, October 12, 2007

Zarbod on RedEarth channel

October 12, 2007
Come on babe. It's Friday night and I'm just waiting for you Show up. Show up. Show up. Now!. Now, now, now! Can't you tell my healthy interest in you is flattering? Ok then. I'll just sit here and wait longer. But not much longer. Oh, just show up. Call me!.........Zarbod

October 10, 2007
Still nothing, dear? Ok. I'll wait to hear from you until Friday night. After that, I'll have to find someone else who will return my love. Zarbod.

October 08, 2007
Oh Rachel. How I miss you. Please come back to me soon. Zarbod longs to see your sweet smile once again. I don't know how much longer I can handle your absence. I even put together a pretty song for you. Can you please post something on Wednesday night to show me that you still care about me? Thanks. Your love, Zarbod.


Research: Milowent


  1. Me thinks Zarbod has a bit of a crush.

  2. ohh yeah :)

    Rachel wont stand him up though :)

  3. If I was being stalked by Zarbod I think I'd be in hiding too! O.O

    Bet he wants her to do the ceremony.


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