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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Amanda on Lonelyjew15????

Amanda just offered to make a guest appearance on lonelyjew15 in BreeFM during Jeromy's show.

Lonelyjew15 is a webisodic parody series of Lonelygirl15. The basic story can be summed up by asking the question, "What if Anne Frank had a webcam?" The series follows Anne Frank as she blogs to her new internet friends about what it's like living in her attic hide-away.
In the meantime, a sinister organization called OpAdolf is trying to find her, especially her teddy bear and best friend, Bethany.

Lonelyjew15 on LGPedia.

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Cast of Characters

Anne Frank: (Played by Jenni Powell) A sixteen year-old girl hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II.
Bethany: Anne's best friend. She is a teddy bear... with a secret.
Peter Van Daan: (Played by Daniel Weiss) A seventeen year-old boy. His family is also in hiding with Anne. They have a tumultuous friendship.
Margot Frank: (Played by Emily Maya Mills) Anne's old sister. They used to share a room but no longer do. This, and the fact that Anne began spending a lot of time with Peter, puts a great strain on the two girls' relationship.
Miep Gies: (Played by Marla Singer) Anne's "Helper". She brings supplies to Anne and her fellows in hiding. She decides to take Anne out of the attic for a period of time...with almost disasterous restults
OpAdolf: (Written, produced, and played by PJ Scott-Blankenship) An evil organization run by Adolf Hitler that does various experiments. For some mysterious reason, they have taken particular interest in Bethany.
Jerry: (Played by Jerry Wright) A vlogger from modern-day who has taken a particular interest in Anne's story.
Mouschi: (Played by Tia (Daniel Weiss's cat)) Peter Van Daan's cat. Anne is jealous of Mouschi because she had to leave her cat behind.
Scary Nazi: (Played by Adam Daroff) Upon leaving the attic, Miep and Anne run into a Nazi, which Miep quickly "takes care of".


  1. If you haven't watched lonelyjew15 (and I was surprised last night in chat how many people hadn't heard of it), you should! It's much more than just a parody. It's well-written, -acted, and produced, and it's a lot of fun! That's great that Amanda has plans to help out!

  2. i would love to see amanda on lonelyjew15! did she call in to jeromy's show? that's cool!

  3. I've been following the series, I can't decide if "LonelyJew15" honors the memory of Anne Frank of blessed memory by making a new generation aware of her tragic experience, or trivializes it by boiling her diary down to an Internet melodrama.

    I wonder if Jenni Powell has commented on the historical context of the story and how this video series fits in. That context is always on my mind as I watch it, but without that context I wonder if it paints too shallow a picture. Anyone?

  4. Anonymous:

    I'm very glad to hear your thoughts! I have done extensive research on Anne Frank's diary, her life, as well as the lives of those she lived with. She has been an inspiration to me since I first read her diary when I was a little girl. My goal for the series has always been to honor Anne, not to trivialize her or her exerience, and I try to stay as historically accurate while also working within an "alternate history universe" that I have created.

    But the goal is also to enterain and I have a background in comedy so it was important to me to also keep it light and fun and maybe sometimes I push the envelope once or twice, which leads to questioning the overall message in the series. But I always keep an open dialogue with anyone interested in talking to me about it because I want to assure people that my motives are pure.

    One thing I can assure you: you'll never see Anne caught by the Nazi's, she'll never know her ulitmate fate (though other characters in the series might), and she'll keep writing in her diary and sharing it with the world.

    And after all that...I've just read that Amanda wants to make an appearance and I'm going to go die with joy now.


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