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Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Death in the Breeniverse Family?

Late tonight on the LG15 comments posts were made by user "S.A.R.A.H.", a long-time regular of LG15. These comments indicated that it was SARAH's husband, Ron, informing the Breeniverse that SARAH died in a house fire earlier this month. If true, this is a tragedy and a loss to the Breeniverse community, and our sympathy goes out to the friends and family of SARAH.

Some debate occurred on comments and IRC chat in #breefm regarding whether or not this was an attempt to spin off new fanfic or an ARG. The following posts were made on the LG15 Comment Boards.

At around 12:21 am (pst) a member of the lg community named S.A.R.A.H posted a comment on the main lg15.com page saying:
S.A.R.A.H.: “Oh my Gosh. Oh my gosh. The rash, I have seen it before.”

After which point at 12:27 am, a member named montelac posted a comment saying:
montelac: “S.A.R.A.H.??? Are you still here?? What happened to you?

S.A.R.A.H.: “Butterflies, babies with birthmarks, new church leadership...it makes sense now/”

montelac: “S.A.R.A.H., I just tried to send you a PM, and got back a very strange response from someone who makes it sound like you’re dead. I’m assuming you’re not dead, correct?”

S.A.R.A.H.: “Montelac, I responded to you. My name is Ron. She’s not here anymore man. I’m sorry. I am just reading her private journal entries. And I got brought here again. Are all the videos like this?”
Montelac: “Ronnie? Her husband Ronnie? What do you mean that she’s not there anymore?”
S.A.R.A.H.: “Yeah, Savannah was my wife. She died in a house fire Oct. 11th.I have been reading her journals, and she talks about this site a lot. I just came to check it out again. Did she have a lot of friends here? If I had known, I would have informed earlier. I apologize. Was just trying to put some things together from her journal and it led me here. Thanksgiving was a day of remembrance for us here at the home. I chose to remember her. Anyways, yeah, she’s gone, and this site is spookin’ me out!”
Montelac: “Oh God, no, Ron. I’m speechless. Yes, she had friends here. I know about you, Hawaii, the home in California, the baby — oh God, how is the baby? — her agoraphobia, everything you did for her, how she loved you! I was so proud of her, and how she overcame her agoraphobia, and the work she went on to do in California. Now I feel sick. What happened?”
S.A.R.A.H: “Savannah was taken benadryls to sleep during her morning sickness. She had lit some candels and one fell over. Then, it was over. I lost her and the new baby. But, I got our other son and our adopted son out. I got to go. I didn’t expect to get caught up to a whole bunch of people. But I will come back to check here if you want some more info. Take care folks.”
Montelac: “Oh God, that is horrible. Her and the baby? I don’t know what to say… She was also so excited about being pregnant again. I’m so sorry, Ron. We will miss her greatly.”

Cloud_ax: “ SARAH’s last forum post was on oct 16 fyi.
S.A.R.A.H: “Yeah, I screwed up the date. Nov 11th. It’s been a long month. Montelac, saw your email. But I gotta go, for real this time. Screaming 2 year old. Thanks for your positive thoughts all.”

Throughout these comments, many individuals posted their condolences for S.A.R.A.H’s passing, but some skepticism exists.

fantasma “REGARDING S.A.R.A.H:
... if it causes anybody any grief I am very sorry, but it must be said: I believe that this might be an attempt at an ARG. I suggest that we don’t jump to conclusions just yet. To verify my suspicions :
ex: S.A.R.A.H said: “Montelac, I responded to you. My name is Ron. She’s not here anymore man. I’m sorry. I am just reading her private journal entries. And I got brought here again. Are all the videos like this?”
explanation : “are all the videos like this?” why would he ask about the videos…….and…….before that he said
ex: S.A.R.A.H. said: “Oh my Gosh. Oh my gosh. The rash, I have seen it before.”
ex: S.A.R.A.H. said: “Butterflies, babies with birthmarks, new church leadership…it makes sense now”

In response:
montelac: “fantasma — I would LOVE to believe that to be true. But I know several things that unfortunately make this very real. I knew her husband’s name was Ron. I knew she was pregnant, and hence the morning sickness makes sense. Ron told me in a PM the one mystery SARAH would never answer — what S.A.R.A.H. actually stood for. And now everyone knows that the “S” was for Savannah, something she would NEVER reveal. She was unmoveable on revealing her real name, even to those of us that got to know her very well privately.
No, I’m sorry to say that this tragic news must be real. Not everything here is a game.”

~At this point of the night, it is yet unknown whether the passing of a respected and well known and liked LG15 community member is a hoax, or a tragic fact. Members are still debating this fact, and it would be best that we all wait for more information on the subject before making judgements. If this is a tragic truth, our prayers are with the family and their loss and we wish you the best. But if this is a hoax, we would wish that such subjects be carried out in a more responsible manner where other members feelings are not caught up in-between.
The entire comment discussion can be found here:
Lonelygirl15 comments
and we ask that we all respect eachother in this very tragic and confusing time for the community.

Note: S.A.R.AH. has 391 post on the LG15.com discussions (and 997 posts under the screen name SARAHPHOBIA88 ) in addition to her posts on LG15.com comments.

Her last video on YouTube:
Added: October 02, 2007

Hi Friends...I'm Still Here - sarahphobia88
Just thought I would do a quick vid, to let you know I am still around.

I just wanted to add to this post a vlog S.A.R.A.H posted a few months back that I particularly liked - GF

I wrote something I wish to share with my friends and others! This is some of my life policies that I decided to write down to remind myself, oh, a while ago. I thought I would share it with you guys too. Remember, this is me freelance writing. Not trying to send a message


  1. Thanks for the post Hammy. Many of us knew S.A.R.A.H. and this news is very troubling.

  2. S.A.R.A.H's myspace blogs were amazing. She told us she was married with a son and they had to keep "on the move", there where some friends who helped them do this. She also was not allowed to tell anyone her real name. She told us of her time as a child when she belonged to a religious community and her family took in a girl who had lost her memory after being abducted by some very strange people. The blogs stopped and she seemed to go AWOL then she posted a bulletin announcing she was pregnant. I wish I could post her blogs here for everyone to read but her myspace appears to have been deleted.

    I am praying that from reading the blogs that this is actually fanfic and part of a story. Or else this is a real tragedy.

  3. Sarahs desscription about herself on LG15.com made her sound really mysterious...

    ***If you want me, search, 'cause I aint here. *** If you know my secrets, keep it between you and me, please.

    She was a one off and I hope she is stil around :(

  4. I really hope this is some ARG or something. And if it is, then it's a sick way to play with people's feelings like this.

    If it's true, then it's really terrible! I tried to go to her myspace, but like someone else said, it's been deleted. Let's hope it's not true! And if it is, then my prayers go out to her family and friends :(

  5. I really don't know what to think :( I just can't believe it...

  6. this is all very confusing and i hope it isn't true. you would think that a pregnant woman dying in a fire would make news somewhere.

  7. Hi. I don't know what weight the words from someone listed as anonymous will carry but I wanted to say something.

    I've read at the forum since the first week it existed. So while I may not be friends with anyone I know everyone's names and the part of their personality that is shown online.

    If this is true, it's tragic.

    I think this entry needs to be changed though. Two options exist, this is real or fake. If it is real then it's disrespectful to be treating this like some mystery where people are looking for clues. If it is fake then everytime a new person reads here you are causing emotional pain that isn't warrented.

    I strongly suggest you remove this and in its place add something much smaller. A notice of the report of her death and a mention it is not yet verifed. Then a link to the comments for people who wish further information.

    Reading it here like it is now makes it seem too much like another LG15 related video because it's placed inbetween other stories we know to be acted.

    Thank you

  8. I don't know what is going on, and I don't know what to say......

  9. Anonymous- we found a news report last night (the BreeFM chat were some of the first people to know, and given we're all ARGers we decided to research this hardcore). There was a fire related death in Santa Monica but there was no mention of name, unborn children, anything discernable. So there was nothing that stood out to us to say that it was indeed S.A.R.A.H.

  10. hey anonymous.......i do think that some of it is true, but the posts WERE posted on the comment board for all t see and i just thought that the rest of the community should know. thanx ;) hehe

  11. Anyone think to check the obits?

  12. somebody is on it, but it might take up to 2 months, so we might not hear anything for a while

  13. montelac is right, she would never revel her real name. This isnt fake.

  14. All we have is the statement of someone using her account that her name is/was "Savannah." That's not proof of anything. They could have been making it up, or someone could be using her account w/out her knowledge.

  15. We should ask her husband for an obituary.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. xwestsidex/707clique, do not blemish this blog again with your comments. You and your bizarre fascination with a single crude joke are not welcome here.

  18. My deepest sympathy to Ron. Whoever SARAH was, we will miss her. Is there a place to lit candles for her?

  19. I only chatted with her via the forum. We both shared our love for the character "Sarah" (Lexie Dreyfus). She posted a hysterical video she had found on myspace of a drunk squirrel on the the characters myspace page in a fit of uncontrollable "LOL-ing"...

    Anyone remember how excited she was when we had the Hymn of One Seminar? She was so impatient waiting to hear what happened that she couldn't sit still. Did she shave her head? Or did she almost shave her head that night?

    As much as she was involved with LG15, and relished in the ARG's and fan participation, my gut tells me that she would not be involved in any type of hoax that could hurt anyone. I don't have any evidence other than my instinct.

    This has put me in such a surreal state.
    I don't know what else to do. So I will do nothing.

  20. Not to step on toes or anything, but how do we know anything aabout this girl? Someone mentioned she wanted to hide where she was from, and she even had us all thinking she was Sarah. Now her name is Savannah? I say, if she is real or fake she wasn't honest with any of you, was she?
    So, if her husband did come on here, was she lying to him too?

    And,her videos didn't have any quality to them, if this was a plan on an ARG, it was poorly executed.

    No matter what, just forget about her. Mourn for her like you did Maddison, someone you didn't know. Then be done with it.

  21. I think this may be part of "everything is going to change" 11/16/07. Isn't that supposedly the day she died?

    On 11/16/07 on the website "everythingisgoingtochange.com" the flash movie that was originally posted was replaced by a flash move of a young woman - who looks an awful lot like S.A.R.A.H.

    If, infact this is the launch of a new ARG, it looks to me like it might be pretty cool!

  22. umm yeah i checked it out and it looks nothing like her, but maybe its just me...........i dont know this has gotten out of hand and we need some solid information soon because a lot of people are anxiously waiting.

  23. Your solid information....NOT DEAD..

    Not enough evidence.

    Just some people with mental disorders trying to get attention

  24. Clique... that is the worst type of stigma I have ever heard.

    People diagnosed with mental illnesses generally do not do things to get attention. Whether this is a real person who died in a fire- or if it is the start of an ARG, I assure you that "mental illness" and "trying to get attention" do not belong in the same sentence.

    You've been warned once previously for your careless words- don't make the same mistake again. Educate yourself and stop living in ignorance.

  25. Isn't there a mental disorder that is linked to a constant need for attention. I'm not sure, but I remember reading something about that.

  26. there is a disorder called Munchausen Syndrome. However, if in fact someone is looking for attention, I don't see any evidence of this disorder. Just google it, there is plenty of info on the web about it.

  27. Yes, there's munchausen syndrome and others in the category. Trust me. Xwestsidex been with a girl who constantly lied about somebody in her family dying just so that she could get attention. She did the same thing to other people as well. If there was no news report, no obituary, or nothing...its a fake most definitely.

  28. jerry- I remember the night of the Seminar! We made lists of things to do while waiting for videos and fooled around while imapatiently waiting for news. I believe she did shave the her head (the bottom part). I even have a picture of a balloon i made just for her that night! Looking at it now reminds me of her amazingness.

    Its very surreal to think that, after a short break, I come back to find her missing.. and, this..
    (Im not sure how to put my thoughts into words right now..)

    My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and to everyone who was closer to her than I was.

  29. In response to some of the comments I've read here...

    Some of us got to know SARAH very well. No, we didn't know her real name, but she completely opened herself up about everything else. She openly discussed her agoraphobia, and her struggle to overcome it (which she did). We knew about her loving, supportive relationship with her husband, and the joy she felt at being a mother. She was a devout Christian with strong ethics and values, and a very loving soul.

    What GF wrote about her blog was incorrect... it wasn't that she wasn't allowed to reveal her name... she simply chose not to. She was never part of a religious cult. And her family had not taken a girl who had been abducted... it was a grown woman with some issues, and who had a lasting impact on SARAH growing up... kinda like a Reader's Digest "most memorable characters".

    I have sent a message to her husband, Ron (who she had talked about often). He told me in a PM he would come back to the LG15 site "on another day," which I sincerely hope he does. In my message, I've told him how much this news has affected the LG15 community, and I have asked him for an obituary to provide closure for everyone. I will of course pass on anything I hear.

  30. Correction to my comments about SARAHs blogs. I said "girl" and montelac said "grown woman". She was in fact a college student so somewhere in between.

    And she definetely wasnt allowed to tell folk her real name. Her husband allowed her to set up a myspace and comment on LG15.com providing she DIDNT reveal her real name (probably very sensible, you dont go telling your real name on the internet to a bunch of strangers!)

    And I never said religious "cult" I said "community".

    Sorry to be a drag - I just hate being misquoted. (So did SARAH)

  31. Also if Montelac had read her blogs he would know that Lisa (the young lady SARAH talked about) had indeed been abducted, as her memories returned she was able to tell people what happened to her. Many other people have read her blogs and I'm sure will be happy to verify what I have said.

  32. I think its all bullshit and Ron, Lisa, and new baby are all SARAH fabrication. I really don't see how someone so pasty and depressed could get married.

  33. This is truly a tragedy. I'm sure the warmest wishes of all the fans of LG15 and SARAH's friends go out to her family.

    I hope that people will not treat this as an ARG or game, regardless of whether it is or not. If it's true, I understand the need to know, but it's not worth putting her family through repeated PMs and more. If on the slightest chance it's not true, I think we all realize this would be the worst kind of "game" and thus not worth our time.

  34. very nicely put BK


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