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Friday, November 16, 2007

Jessica says.....

From: http://www.myspace.com/officialjessicarose


Hi everyone,
I just want to let you all know that this myspace page and myspace.com/jeessss426 are the ONLY pages I have. I DO NOT and I stress DO NOT have a BEBO or FACEBOOK account or any other accounts on any other social networking site. There are some people out there claiming to be me even having people send them pre-addressed postage paid envelopes saying they will send autographs out to them.That is NOT me. I have never sent anyone an autograph and sorry but I don't intend to because A. if I did that for one I'd have to do it for all and I don't have time to burn or money for that matter.. and B. I don't have a PObox for people to send these envelopes to and it's unsafe for me to give out my physical address. Anyway sorry to anyone that was tricked by other people claiming to be me and I apologize for the confusion.
Hope you are all doing well and I have some News for you all shortly!!! :)



  1. Thanks for the clarification Jess. A lot of people have been asking!

    We reposted it here to try and get the word out. I hope that is cool with you.


  2. Curious what that big news is gonna be. She returns to LG15?!

  3. Yeah, Redearth88 would be cool. New roommate of Rachel, Aly Zarin?

  4. unfortunately the news will be that i was tricked into sending thousands of dollars to bebojess as i tried to lure her to my own upcoming webseries, "the wacky client delivery executive-level2"

  5. * tries to subscribe to Milowent's new series")


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