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Friday, November 16, 2007

KateModern treasure hunt

Beginning on Monday, viewers can become part of the KateModern story and Sun Online is teaming up with the show to help them solve a daily riddle as part of the plot.


Research: Merry Happy

Are you planning on attending any of the events. Leave us a comment below and let us know! If you get the scoop on any of the events you can send it to [email protected]


  1. wow, i pulled this from wikipedia:

    The Sun is a tabloid daily newspaper published in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland with the highest circulation of any daily English-language newspaper in the world, standing at 3,107,412 copies daily in the first half of 2006.

    major exposure?

  2. Wow, all kinds of shout outs. All I did was go to the link Lee provided and click on an article on the front page that had KateModern in the byline. :) I guess my morning internet checking paid off. Haha. It is fun to be included!


  3. If you put the code that's in this video, on Live Search Maps, you get this: http://maps.live.com/?v=2&cid=116264F0DD5D8C5F!103&encType=1

    When you zoom in, it says Peter Street, so guess that's the place Lee want us to go to. Now we have to figure out the time with the picture of the big ben.

  4. I'll be going along, time permitting.

    ie, if I'm at college, or work, I won't. Here's hoping there's a Saturday event though!


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