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Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Look Back, To Look Forward!

On November 24, 2006 LG15 released "Thanksgiving". As we look back, this year take a moment to watch the video again and then read through the comments made by Glenn Rubenstein on his radio show last night on BreeFM. We want to know what you think about this intriguing concept, so make sure you leave us a comment below.

Thanksgiving - Lonelygirl15

Daniel and I were fighting and didn't do anything for Thanksgiving. So, I decided to take Jonas's advice and work things out with Daniel.

From Glenn's radio show on BreeFM last night:

"Glenn brainstormed on the air how this idea would allow LG15 to capitalize on the existing footage. In over 200 video blogs, there must be enough stuff that is relevant to the plot that could work in a story arc that would allow Bree to be "present" in the show through Daniel looking through old out takes or cut lines for clues (he could have left it out for a reason). Daniel could go back through some old footage to try and figure things out. Glenn thinks he could do something really well with this idea, but only if it resulted in moving the plot forward in a new and relevant direction to what Daniel found.

He thinks it would give LG15 that old familiar feel for fans who stopped watching once Bree went "On The Run." And if the resulting storyline was good and hooked people, it would be very effective for both new and old fans.

Perhaps an even bigger "ratings stunt?" What if OpAphid or someone did have surveillance footage taken via Bree's webcam? That would mean they could shoot new scenes with Bree if Jessica wanted to come back and do a cameo, and it would take place in Summer 2006. But again, it would have to tie into an awesome plot.

Glenn almost wishes he could do a guest arc for a story/plotline like either of these on Lonelygirl15 because he thinks its a great premise. He would dig working on it, and thinks it would be a solid way to do one to two weeks of work and get a month's worth of videos. It's like a clip show, but better because it's all new to the audience and it could be used to reboot into a brand new storyline.

Copyright 2007 Glenn Rubenstein."
Food for thought!!!!!!!!! Well have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone (even if it is not your official day to celebrate). And once again it would be realy great to hear what the community has to say about Glenn's idea to "recapture the Bree in the bedroom feel" so make sure your voice is heard by leaving a message below. We, as a community, may not be able to bring Bree back, but we sure could try:) ~mm

EDIT by QtheC: If anyone caught the Survivor China recap / clip episode they showed Thursday, it was very similar in kind to what Glenn was suggesting for Lonelygirl15. It was compiled mainly of clips not previously aired of the Survivor season so far. I'm not sure if this was somehow related to the industry guild strikes, or just a way to try to boost the show's ratings for the rest of the season - but it definitely was a format that could appeal to current fans of the show while being accessible to new viewers.


  1. It boggles my mind!

    It sure would be nice to see that "old" familiar Bree face just a few times more.

    I digg it!

    I know Bree is gone. I know we have to move forward. But hey this might just be the way to do it in a way that ties everything together and fills in some plotholes at the same time.

  2. This video made me miss Bree so much. She was so sweet and goofy and...*sigh*

    I really like Glenn's idea! I think it's a good way to have Bree still in LG15. I know she's dead, and all, but if we sometimes saw some clips of Bree, it would definately give that old lonelygirl feeling back, that I miss sometimes. Daniel could look back at cutted footage and maybe he discovers something important, that taag can use right now. Really a great idea!!

  3. I think it would just be nice to see danile actually reflecting on bree, since her death if he or the rest of TAGG refer to her its in quiet a distant unconnected way.

    Would be nice for some emotion.

  4. I honestly cannot buy the idea that Daniel has just left it all behind. You know it has to be lingering in his heart. I mean it was Bree. This would be a great way to explore what is really going on inside Daniel.

  5. This was the first video I ever commented on :) Has it been a year???

  6. Considering Daniel's latest vid and his reflection on his past in order to gain insight for Delmundo's class, I'd say if there was ever a good time to implement this idea, it would be right now.

  7. Yea I agree Jenni. The planets are aligned. Bring it!!!!

  8. 1) This is a great idea but let's face it, there are egos involved. There would have to be a strong fan movement backing the idea, that way the Cs can say they were listening to the fans. Let's them save face a bit.
    2) I think it would have the desired effect, but more than anything serve as a reminder of how far everything has dropped off. They'd have to have something pretty special to keep those they lured back.
    3) I don't think it should be Daniel finding the old footage. It's an opportunity for old fans to get to know a know and fall in love with a new character.

  9. It sounds like a good idea but if it's not done right it will fail miserably. Not trying to bash the creators here but lets face it, they're not good at following through. The idea has a lot of potential it just needs to be done correctly.

  10. I love this idea, and it sounds like it could be done pretty easily with old footage.

    This would be a way to see new, fresh footage of Bree and Daniel and the others and maybe fill in some of these plotholes that people constantly ask about.

    It would be a way to show Bree again without it being stupid. I think the fans would love it. I'm all for it.

    I would love to see the footage of Bree we never got to see, and this is a way to see it.

  11. i think that this would be awesome for the fans!!! it would definitly give the fans who want to see bree come back (including myself) a way to see her and it would make the fans who do believe shes dead nothing to complain about because its "old" footage...so maybe it could keep everybody happy!! great idea glenn!!! i hope you guys can start this soon (as long as ms. rose agrees...and i hope she does)

  12. Get Spencer to look through the old footage! That'd be a great way to bring him back and integrate him back into the story.... he maybe wanted to really find out what she was like and there must be some kind of thing in it... that would be so cool :D PLUS there's the fact that cute lil spencer could get some fans back, cuz a lot of people were upset when he dropped off the face of the Breeniverse :(

  13. As a serious Bree phan Monkey I would love for this to happen. BUT, I think it may not be such a great move for the production...

    Showing how natural JR was with the medium only reinforces how, well, bad anyone else trying to emulate her really has been to date.

    Bree (pre-reveal) was a Perfect Storm of talent, writing (Mesh!), editing, music, and a very clever hoax. I don't think they can ever replicate that and I don't think anything else can even come close.

    Now, if you Breally bring the character back (ZOMG, as a Zombie!)
    then that is another story. We have endured much more absurd plot devices and I for one would not decry this one! I don't see that happening though.

    Where the Hell is P. Monkey!


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