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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Maddison Thursday on BreeFM

Listen, Join in the IRC Chat, and Enjoy a Special Evening of Programming Tonight on BreeFM as we remember Maddison Atkins, and show our Support for Clara.

Thursday, November 15th (all times are PST)

DJ MicFranXon - 4pm - 6pm

DJ Marla - 6pm

DJ Jeromy - 7pm
featuring: "Live performance with David Morrison who wrote and
performed 'Light up my way' - the song from the myspace contest video."

DJ Pill - 8pm
with guest video comedian ractalfece


  1. Is the back-up server on? I've been having trouble connecting to it: connections full to the main server, and can't connect to the back-up.

  2. Actually, don't worry about it. :)

  3. silverblue,

    There was some kind of network error that kept channel 2 offline for part of the evening (station manager MicFranXon was on with tech support getting it fixed).

    MixFranXon also made a recording of the evening's programming and will replay it sometime soon... keep and eye on bree.fm page for broadcast scheduling.

    fyi, up to now the channel 1 on bree.fm has served 25 users

    The channel 2 server has to be set up by station manager MicFranXon on as as-needed basis.

    Lately, this channel 2 has been needed Wednesdays (for Glenn's shows), Thursdays and Sundays (Apo's show) ... so MicFranXon is looking into adding support for more "slots" (listeners) on channel 1 all the time.


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